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BLK Max Cancer Center New Delhi

Best cancer hospitals in India in 2023

Here's the list of the best cancer hospitals in India:. The list is very carefully prepared, keeping in mind the use of the latest technology to treat cancer, ongoing research projects in the hospital, ongoing clinical trials in ..

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CAR T-Cell therapy approvals and availability

July 2021:  In June 2014, KITE Biotechnology Company, with only 19 employees, was listed on NASDAQ in the United States, and it took 130 million US dollars in one day! Just two months later, Juno Biotechnology had less than 20 em..

Best Cancer Hospitals In The World
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30+ Best Cancer Hospitals In The World 2024

Discover the best cancer hospitals in the world through our blog, which includes 30+ carefully selected facilities. We have picked top hospitals that use the latest technology. Know about their ongoing research projects, successfu..

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Treatment in India from Bangladesh

Treatment in India for patients travelling from Bangladesh is on a rise. One out of 3 patients travelling to India from foreign countries is from Bangladesh. To catch on to these emerging markets, some hospitals have opened their ..

medical visa to India

Medical Visa for India from Mauritius

Medical visa to India from Mauritius can be obtained online very easily. Patients who are willing to travel to India from Mauritius need to obtain medical visa in order to get treatment in any reputed hospital in India. For the re..

Cancer treatment & care in Bangladesh

Cancer treatment in Bangladesh is in a nascent stage. Bangladesh, a South Asian nation situated toward the east of India on the Bay of Bengal, has a populace of 156 million. With 1,074 individuals for each square kilometer, Bang..

Patient from Somalia came to India for liver cancer treatment

Story of a patient from Somalia who came to India for liver cancer treatment. Mr Gama Mohammad from Somalia suffered from sudden weight loss, stomach pain, vomiting, and yellowed skin. He thought this may be case of simple gastro..

Bone marrow transplant in India - A patient story
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Bone marrow transplant in India – A patient story

This story is about bone marrow transplant in India. Mukhtar, who is from Assela in Ethiopia, suffers from deadly aplastic anemia. He travels to India for his stem cell transplant. Read the entire story here. Mukhtar Mukhtar is ..

Medical visa to India from Algeria
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Medical visa to India for residents of Algeria

Medical visa to India for residents of Algeria can be given to patients who wishes to take medical treatment in India. Below mentioned is the complete details and procedure.CancerFax helps in getting medical visa for medical treat..

medical visa to India

Medical visa to India for residents of Morocco

Medical visas to India from Morocco are on the rise as more and more patients visit India for medical treatment these days. Check the details of the entire process, including choosing hospitals, medical visa eligibility, the medic..

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