Patient from Somalia came to India for liver cancer treatment

Story of a patient from Somalia who came to India for liver cancer treatment. Patients from Somali travels to cities like Delhi, Chennai & Mumbai for their cancer treatment in India. India offers the best treatment for cancer for Somalia patients.

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Story of a patient from Somalia who came to India for liver cancer treatment. Mr Gama Mohammad from Somalia suffered from sudden weight loss, stomach pain, vomiting, and yellowed skin. He thought this may be case of simple gastrointestinal problem which he usually treat with anta acids. However, this time he also felt some blood in his stool and then his treating doctor in Somalia decided to go for full check up. Facilities in Somalia are not that good however doctors were able to confirm the diagnosis with the help of biopsy that Mr Gama is suffering from early stage liver cancer. This is when Mr. Gama son in law suggested him to visit India for liver cancer treatment.

India is known for some best hospitals for liver cancer treatment and best doctors for liver cancer treatment.


Why patients come to India for liver cancer treatment ?

Following are the reasons for patients coming to India for liver cancer treatment

  1. Quality of treatment – Super specialist doctors in India follows the latest protocols used by world bodies and this quality of treatment is at par with the best hospitals around the world. India is home to some of the best liver cancer specialists in the world with loads of experience and research work behind them.
  2. Super Specialist Doctors – A doctors while studying in India sees more patients than a average practicing doctor because of the huge population. While he sees more and more patients his clinical acumen becomes very sharp and he is able to handle any complex situation. Doctors in India are trained from world renowned institutions and are degree certified thus making them among the best in business.
  3. With increasing patients coming from foreign countries to India for treatment, infrastructure in India has come at par with any best city in the world. Also with aids from central and state governments of India, hospitals have come up with excellent infrastructure facilities. All these hospitals are also equipped with latest machines and technology.
  4. There is almost no waiting period in India. This is because of many many quality hospitals, the competition obviously has increased a lot and thus reducing waiting period for patient treatment.
  5. Low cost of treatment – India now is home to the highest number of pharmaceutical manufacturing units and thus making drugs and consumables extremely cheap. This helps in bringing down the cost of treatment to a great level.
  6. There are 21 JCI accredited hospitals in India at present.
  7. India is known for its amazing hospitality and patient care services.
  8. With rising number of patients coming from foreign countries to India, there are lot of professionals who provide interpretation services. Most of the hospitals are now full of interpreters who help patient explain their disease properly to the doctor.
  9. Flight connectivity to Delhi is excellent from any part of the world. If booked well in advance one gets flight tickets in cheap prices.
  10. Now a days it hardly takes a day or two to process medical visa once treating hospital issues the visa invitation letter.

Mr. Gama was suggested by his doctor in Somalia to connect with CancerFax, award winning professionally managed Best medical tour operator in India.


Why choose CancerFax ?

There are number of reasons to choose CancerFax for your treatment requirement in India.

  1. CancerFax is award winning medical tour operator in India with access to best hospitals and cancer specialists in India.
  2. We choose the hospital and specialists depending upon the treatment requirement of the patient. We know which hospital or doctor is best in India for your particular health problem.
  3. CancerFax has his own team of super specialists doctors who decide the treating doctor and monitor the patients treatment plan and recovery on daily basis.
  4. We choose the hospital based on patients paying capacity. CancerFax also chooses negotiate with the hospital on behalf of patient and ensure patient gets the best yet most economical treatment.
  5. CancerFax patient care specialist is always there with the patient during his treatment in India just to ensure proper care and services to the patient.
  6. We ensure patient get end to end services right from airport pick up to hospital registration, appointment fixing, local sim card management, currency exchange, language translator, outside hospital stay, shopping site seeing etc.
  7. We are passionate about what we do and ensure patient go back to his/her country in best of health conditions.


Liver Cancer treatment in India

Once Mr Gama decided to come to India for liver cancer treatment a detailed treatment plan with details of treating doctor and hospital along with day stay inside and outside hospital & total cost estimate was sent to him. He was also issued medical visa to India. Within 4 days Mr Gama was travelling to India for his liver cancer treatment.

Mr. Gama was picked up by CancerFax representative at the Delhi International airport and was taken directly to the hospital.

He immediately saw the liver cancer specialist and doctor advised him to go for some tests and scans. Within 5 days reports of all the tests and scans was available with the hospitals. After seeing the reports doctor advised him to immediately go for liver cancer surgery. As the cancer was in initial stage and surgery was possible. Surgery was performed for almost 8 hours and then doctor told us that everything went very well. Mr. Gama was discharged form the hospital after 7 days. After a month of stay in India and post surgery follow up, Mr. Gama was ready to go back to his country in best of his health condition.

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