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CancerFax is the most trusted platform dedicated to connecting individuals facing advanced-stage cancer with groundbreaking cell therapies like CAR T-Cell therapy, Gene therapy, TIL therapy, NK Cell therapy and clinical trials. 

This life-saving service empowers patients to explore new frontiers in cancer treatment while providing them with comprehensive information on trial eligibility criteria, locations, and enrollment processes.

Our company specializes in cancer clinical trial services, facilitating access to groundbreaking research and treatment options. We connect patients with cutting-edge trials, fostering hope and progress in the fight against cancer. With a commitment to improving lives, we’re at the forefront of advancing cancer care through clinical innovation.

Cancerfax vision

Our Vision

“Our vision is to lead the way in revolutionizing cancer treatment facilitation, ensuring every individual’s access to customized, comprehensive, and compassionate care. Through innovative solutions and unwavering dedication, we strive to eliminate barriers, provide hope, and contribute to a world where cancer is not just treatable, but conquerable.”


“Through unwavering commitment, innovation, and a compassionate spirit, we aspire to redefine the cancer treatment landscape, offering hope, healing, and a brighter future for all those touched by cancer.”

Our Mission

“At CancerFax, our mission is to be the bridge between individuals battling cancer and the advanced treatments they deserve.”

We are committed to:
  • 1. Personalized Pathways: Tailoring treatment options to each patient’s unique needs.
  • 2. Global Network: Building a global network of renowned oncologists, cutting-edge treatment centers, and support services.
  • 3. Empowerment Through Knowledge: Providing comprehensive, up-to-date information.
  • 4. Compassionate Support: Offering emotional and practical support.
  • 5. Innovation and Research: Collaborating with leading research institutions.
  • 6. Advocacy and Awareness: Advocating for improved cancer care policies.
  • 7. Ethical Excellence: Upholding the highest ethical standards.
Asha Didi

Our Story

CancerFax was born from heartbreak when founder Sandeep lost his elder sister, Asha Di, to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (a type of blood cancer). Asha Di was bright, bold, and beautiful, with dreams of becoming an air hostess.

Her sudden diagnosis was a devastating blow. Despite all their efforts, they couldn’t save her. Determined to honor her memory, Sandeep created CancerFax to provide critical information and support to cancer patients and their families.

CancerFax became a beacon of hope, offering access to advanced treatments and clinical trials. Asha Di’s spirit lives on through CancerFax, bringing hope and healing to countless lives and ensuring no one faces cancer alone.


Experience seamless online consultations for cutting-edge cancer cell therapies. Our expert team ensures personalized attention and comprehensive guidance, empowering patients with tailored treatment plans. From the comfort of your home, access world-class expertise and embark on your journey towards hope and healing with confidence.”

Dr Chunrung Tong Hematologist in Beijing Gobroad hospital


Dr. Chunrong Tong

CAR T-Cell therapy Specialist

22 years experience

How does it work?


Send medical reports

Send your medical reports via email (info@cancerfax.com) or WhatsApp (+1 213 789 56 55).


Estimate of expenses

Get complete details on your treatment, estimate of expenses, doctor and hospital profile.

Dr. Chyna Jackson

Cell therapy specialist


Video Consultation

Speak to the medical team on details of treatment offered, its benefits and side-effects.


Travel for treatment

Travel to the country of treatment. Picked up by our patient care specialist at the airport.

Our patients are Happy & Healthy

“I am writing this testimonial to express my profound gratitude for the life-changing experience I had with CAR T-cell therapy in China. My journey battling cancer took a hopeful turn when I was introduced to this groundbreaking treatment, and it has been nothing short of remarkable. Before CAR T-cell therapy, I had exhausted conventional treatments without much success. My situation was dire, and hope was fading. However, my decision to undergo CAR T-cell therapy in China was a turning point.

Theo James

Cancer treatment in India

Once I arrived at Sheba, I realized that I had come to the right place. All the documents were processed within ten days, and the whole process was swift and simple. My doctor was Prof. Nagler, and Prof. Avraham Avigdor accompanied him. I had a positive impression of them; everything was clear and calm. Like me, my coordinator, Vika, is also from Kyiv, so we quickly developed a rapport. The nurses and medical staff are just great. Very warm and friendly. Most importantly, the procedure itself went smoothly, with no complications.”

Marina Oksana

“I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated medical professionals and researchers in Singapore who are pioneering this revolutionary therapy. To anyone considering CAR T-cell therapy, I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore this option. It has been a life-altering journey for me, and I hope it can bring the same hope and healing to others.I am soo grateful for the entire team for such a compassionate and caring support. My fife is back on track.”

Mitchell Kerp

meet the team

Powered by compassionate people

Sandy, BSc, MMS
Founder & President
Albert, BSc, MBA
Partnerships & Strategy
Bryan, MSc, Phd.
Technology & Patient Care

Why Choose Us?

We always put “patients first” in our company. We constantly communicate with the treating doctor on the progress of treatment. If need be we can immediately take opinion from best in the world.

we’re here to answer all your questions

Some of the most common questions that patient’s ask us and their answers.

Online consultation for cell therapies are free from our side. Patient need not pay a single penny for it.

Documented success rate of CAR T Cell therapy is up to 98%. However, many of these therapies are still under clinical trials and thus 

Paid consultations do provide prescriptions; however, consultations for cell therapies do not require prescriptions. 

Cost of cell therapies are as follows:

CAR T Cell therapy:

China- $50,000 USD

India- $ 70,000 USD

Israel – $ 80,000 USD

Singapore – $ 500,000 USD


TIl Therapy:

China – $ 125,000 USD

Stem Cell therapy:

China – $ 22,000 USD

NK Cell therapy

China – $ 25,000 USD 

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Welcome to CancerFax !

CancerFax is a pioneering platform dedicated to connecting individuals facing advanced-stage cancer with groundbreaking cell therapies like CAR T-Cell therapy, Gene therapy, TIL therapy, and clinical trials worldwide.

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2) Gene therapy
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