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Many patients with cancer who want improved care and latest treatment are now going abroad for cancer treatment. Patients are looking for care outside of their home countries because medical technology is getting better and there are more specialists available. When you go abroad for cancer treatment, you can get access to cutting-edge therapies, clinical studies, and healthcare facilities that are among the best in the world. Also, international medical centres often offer personalised care, complete treatment plans, and a teamwork method that includes doctors from different fields. When a cancer patient goes abroad for treatment, they can get medical care and a change of scenery at the same time. This provides a helpful environment for healing. Before making such an important choice, you should do a lot of study, think about the costs, and talk to health professionals.

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Cancer treatment abroad: Cost, process and guidelines

Recently, there is a spurge in the patients who are willing to travel to other countries like USA, Japan, China, Israel, Singapore and Korea for cancer treatment. Patients are now opting to travel for cancer treatment abroad. Many patients who had to face the terrifying prospect of fighting cancer have already benefited from the wide range of oncology professionals available both domestically and overseas. Cancer still shouldn’t be faced alone, despite the fact that there is a huge developments in the treatment of cancer in last decade.

Cancer treatment abroad guide and process

CancerFax is here to assist you in getting cancer treatment abroad. Depending on your specific demands, we’ll help you locate high-quality cancer treatment both domestically and abroad. In addition to providing a totally free, non-obligatory assessment, we will be by your side the entire way, ready to respond to any queries and offer assurance as needed. We also recognize that many patients may worry about their financial situation, therefore we will give you information on facilities that provide high-quality, reasonably priced cancer treatment. We get you complete information on cost of cancer treatment abroad.

Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. Your Patient Manager will walk you through the following steps as soon as you’re ready to move forward, including helping you with the booking process and offering support before, during, and after your cancer treatment. Travelling abroad for cancer treatment is a good option specially for patients who are in late stage and are looking for newer drugs and therapies.

With over 200 distinct types and numerous severe choices for patients to make, cancer is one of the most dramatic and life-threatening diseases in existence today, especially when considering receiving treatment abroad. There are many different cancer treatment options; most patients would wish to think about choosing high-quality care over less expensive options.

For such a terrible disease, preparation through research is crucial. Patients may also benefit from researching specialized nations for their chosen treatment. Patients must take into account travel insurance, flight delays, the time needed to stay in a particular country for treatment, and more. Patients should ensure their selected physician is credible and attempt to get all the pertinent information from them. For a simpler consultation and planning procedure, several UK centers have connections to clinics abroad. Patients can also contact their doctor for information.

Doctors in the UK have acknowledged that some private clinics abroad have better facilities and some have more advanced medical technologies. The extent of the disease’s progression and how quickly it was discovered will all have an impact on the recovery.

Most doctors would advise locating a provider in the USA, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, Israel, and India while seeking treatment abroad. 

In addition to surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and CAR T-cell therapy, radiation and chemotherapy are frequently used as cancer treatments. There are also other options for treatment, such taking medicine. Treatment options for cancers of the prostate, breast, lungs, colon, throat, mouth, and lips are available abroad.


Cancer treatment in United states of America

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Process of getting cancer treatment abroad

Send your reports

Send your medical summary, latest blood reports, biopsy report, latest PET scan report and other available reports to

Evaluation & Opinion

Our medical team will analyze the reports and suggest best hospital for your treatment as per your budget. We will get you opinion from the treating doctor and estimate from the hospital.

Medical visa and travel

We help you in getting your medical visa and arrange for travel to the country of treatment. Our representative will receive you at the airport and arrange for consultation and treatment.

Treatment and follow up

Our representative will help you in doctor appointment and other necessary formalities locally. He will also help you with any other local help required. Once the treatment is finished our team will keep follow up from time to time.

Why treatment abroad?

Newer drugs and technology in cancer treatment

Newer drugs, R&D and technology

Hospitals in country like USA, Japan, Singapore, China, Israel has more advanced drugs, R&D and technology. Patients can use international advanced drugs more quickly. For example, new drugs can be launched in the United States, 5-6 years earlier than in India. In China there are more than 250 clinical trials for latest CAR T-Cell therapy alone. Patients from other countries can use these trials for late stage cancer treatment. Patients visiting USA for cancer treatment can make use of latest drugs clinical trials for their treatment. 

Cancer treatment abroad process and guidelines

Personalized treatment model

A more personalized diagnosis and treatment model, and a mature treatment concept improve the curative effect. The systematic and standardized doctor training system along with advanced treatment concepts have lead to highest cure rate in the world. These hospitals provide customized diet plan and access to personal oncology clinical nutritionist who manages patient’s personal diet program. This is very important for speedy recovery.

Patient centric approach

Patient centric approach

Countries like USA, Japan, South-Korea, China has more humanized medical experience and  patient centric approach. The doctor decides the patient’s treatment plan according to the actual situation of the patient and stage of the disease. They uses latest drugs and technology in order to ensure cure for the disease and longer survival period. Hospitals uses its own team of highly skilled physiotherapists and mental health counsellors. These professionals provide patients with their combined expertise and experience ensuring quick healing and better quality of life.

cancer research and innovation in the USA

Accurate diagnosis and treatment

Receiving an accurate diagnosis is the most step in receiving the best possible treatment for your particular type of cancer. Hospitals in USA, Japan, South-Korea, Singapore, Israel and China has more humanized medical experience and  patient centric approach. The doctor decides the patient’s treatment plan according to the actual situation of the patient and stage of the disease. They uses latest drugs and technology in order to ensure cure for the disease and longer survival period.

Online cancer consultation

Online cancer consultation

Online cancer consultation from top oncologists can help you feel confident in your treatment plan. A better treatment plan has the potential to prevent a misdiagnosis, and, perhaps even save a life. Avoid the high cost of overseas cancer treatment through expert international online consultation. Patient can take online video consultation from the comfort of their home without travelling abroad. This is sometimes more convenient for patient and also reduces the overall cost.  

Multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment in the USA

Smooth diagnosis and treatment process

International experts ensures that your local attending doctor and medical experts have the same understanding of your condition, thereby reducing the possible errors and potential conflicts that may occur in the process of diagnosis and treatment plan. CancerFax helps and ensure we get you the right consultation with the right specialist. Our team of professionals help the patient with end to end services right from choosing the doctor, hospital to visa and travel.

Top countries for cancer treatment 

Cancer treatment in United states of America

The United States of America

As per 2022 American cancer patient treatment and survival report as of Jan 22 there were more than 18 million cancer survivors in the USA, more than any country in the world. This number is expected to increase to 40 million by 2040, thanks to amazing cancer treatment facilities in this country. 47% of these patients have survived for more than 10 years. Some of the best cancer hospitals in the world like M.D. Anderson, Dana-Farber and Mayo Clinic are in United States. Read more about cancer treatment in the USA, how to get there and visa requirements.

Cancer treatment in Japan


Japan is pioneer in the treatment of cancer. There are around 8300 hospitals in Japan and 650 of them are in Tokyo alone. In some of the areas Japan has surpassed United States. Lung cancer surgery success rate in Japan is best in the world, even surpassing United States. The mortality rate of lung cancer surgery is 0.9% and the United States is 3%. Japan is among the few countries in the world having dedicated proton beam and heavy ion therapy. Read more about cancer treatment in Japan, how to get there and visa requirements.

Cancer treatment in Japan


South-Korea is without a doubt one of the most  developed and industralized nation in the world. This nation topped the Bloomberg innovation index’s list of the most innovative nations from 2014-2019. Korea is home to some of the top cancer hospitals in the world like Asan and Samsung. As per CONCORD study five year survival rate for stomach cancer patients is around 58% in Korea more than any country in the world. Read more about cancer treatment in South-Korea, how to get there and visa requirements.

Advanced cancer treatment in korea

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Affordable cancer treatment in Singapore


Singapore is known for its cancer therapies and amazing cancer care. Patients may expect their cancer treatment to have fewer side effects, more practical chemotherapy administration and immaculate treatment methods. If you wish to receive top notch cancer treatment in reasonable cost, then you must think of travelling to Singapore. It is an ideal place to start your treatment as it has world renowned cancer treatment center like Parkway.  Read more about cancer treatment in Singapore, how to get there and visa requirements.


Advanced cancer treatment in korea

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Cancer treatment in Israel image


Israeli cancer treatment is equal to any healthcare facility in the world. When it comes to therapy for cancer, several factors matter: quality of care, access to advanced treatments, cost, and specialization. While you can easily find high quality care and well-trained specialists in the US, more Americans are now seeking cancer treatment in Israel in order to receive the benefits of all four of the abovementioned factors. Sheba hospital is among the first in the world to use latest CAR T-Cell therapy for treatment of some types of blood cancer.  Read more about cancer treatment in Israel, how to get there and visa requirements.

Cancer treatment in China and its process


China has significantly improved cancer treatment in recent years, solidifying its position as a major player on the international stage. There are >1000 trials happening in the field of cancer treatment in China, more than any country on the planet. China has also witnessed breakthroughs in immunotherapy, a promising treatment that harnesses the body’s immune system to fight cancer. This innovative approach has shown remarkable results in various cancer types, including lung, liver, and melanoma. Read more about cancer treatment in China, how to get there and visa requirements.

Connect with world’s best oncologists for treatment

Get advice from cancer specialists from top cancer institutes like MD Anderson, Dana Farber, Sloan Kettering, and Mayo Clinic. Check below the list of specialists.


Dr Jonathan (MD)

Thoracic oncology

Profile: Associate Professor of medicine at UCLA in the Hematology/Oncology division. He is the UCLA director of clinical trials in thoracic oncology and the Associate Director of early drug development.


Dr Benjamin (MD)

Medical oncology

Profile: Clinical director of medical oncology for the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital, as well as an associate professor of oncology for Johns Hopkins University.

Erica L. Mayer, MD, MPH

Dr. Erica L. Mayer (MD, MPH)

Breast Oncology

Profile: Dr. Mayer received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 2000. She subsequently completed her fellowship in Medical Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

Edwin P. Alyea

Edwin P. Alyea III, MD

Cellular therapy

Profile: Instructor in the Department of Medicine, Medicine, Hematologic Malignancies and Cellular Therapy 2020. Member of the Duke Cancer Institute, Duke Cancer Institute 2022


Daniel J. DeAngelo

Daniel J. DeAngelo MD,PhD

CAR T-Cell therapy

Profile: Dr. DeAngelo received his MD and PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1993. He served a clinical fellowship in hematology and oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he joined the staff in 1999.

Dr Linus Ho M D Anderson

Dr. Linus Ho (MD)

Medical Oncology

Profile: Dr. Linus Ho, MD is a Medical Oncology Specialist in Houston, TX and has over 32 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from STANFORD UNIVERSITY in 1991. His office accepts new patients.

Cost of cancer treatment abroad

Several factors influence the overall cost of cancer treatment abroad. Understanding these aspects might help patients estimate the prospective costs and plan accordingly.

Country and Facility Selection: The destination country and medical facility chosen have a substantial impact on treatment costs. Although developing countries may provide more economical treatment alternatives, quality and safety requirements may differ. On the other hand, renowned hospitals and clinics in rich countries may offer cutting-edge technologies, albeit at a higher cost.

Treatment Type and Complexity: The overall cost is influenced by the type of cancer and its stage, as well as the suggested treatment approach. Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and personalised medicine are all options with varied costs.

Medical experts and Expertise: The treatment cost is influenced by the expertise of healthcare experts such as oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and support workers. Highly specialised doctors may charge greater fees for their services, adding to the overall costs.

Comprehensive diagnostic techniques, such as biopsies, blood tests, genetic testing, PET scans, and MRIs, are required for accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment planning. The cost of these tests might vary greatly between countries and healthcare systems.

Medications and Supportive Care: Cancer treatment frequently includes costly medications, such as chemotherapy and targeted therapies. Furthermore, supportive treatment such as pain management, rehabilitation, and psychological assistance may increase the overall cost.

Duration of Stay and Travel Expenses: The length of the treatment and recovery stay in another country determines accommodation costs, transportation, visas, and other connected costs. Patients and their carers must factor these fees into their budgets.

Currency Exchange Rates and Insurance Coverage: Changing currency exchange rates can affect the cost of treatment, particularly if paid in a foreign currency. Furthermore, insurance coverage for international treatment may differ, and patients should carefully research their plans to understand what charges will be covered. 

Cancer treatment visa for abroad

If you plan to travel overseas for cancer treatment then you will require medical visa. Individuals with cancer frequently travel abroad to seek innovative medical solutions and specialized care. International destinations such as USA, Japan, South-Korea, Singapore, Israel, India and China provide cutting-edge technology, renowned medical staff, and reasonably priced healthcare services. However, obtaining the necessary visa is a critical factor to consider while seeking cancer treatment abroad.

Cancer treatment visa for abroad

Obtaining a visa for cancer treatment in another country requires navigating the complex requirements of both medical and travel documentation. To obtain the necessary visa, patients and their carers must collaborate closely with medical facilitators, embassies, and consulates. This procedure ensures that patients can lawfully travel to their selected location and receive the specialized care they seek.

Visa requirements vary by country, but common documents include a valid passport, medical records, treatment confirmation from an authorized medical facility, financial statements, and an invitation letter. The visa application procedure frequently necessitates meticulous planning, timely submission, and strict adherence to specified rules.

Cancer patients and their families can go on a journey of hope by acquiring the necessary visa and connecting with healthcare experts that specialize in their disease. Access to cancer therapies abroad can broaden treatment options, increase survival rates, and improve patients’ quality of life.

While the visa application procedure may appear to be difficult, many medical facilitators and hospitals have dedicated staff to assist patients throughout their journey. These specialists provide counselling, shorten the visa application process, and guarantee that patients seeking treatment overseas have a smooth transition.

Patients must conduct research and choose authorized medical institutes with an established track record in cancer therapy. Furthermore, speaking with an international patient coordinator like CancerFax can be quite beneficial in navigating the complications of acquiring a visa for cancer treatment overseas.

Finally, obtaining a visa for cancer treatment abroad opens up a world of opportunities for individuals looking for effective and cheap healthcare treatments. While the process may necessitate some time and coordination, the potential benefits of receiving sophisticated treatments and specialised care in another country make it worthwhile. Cancer patients can embark on a journey of recovery and optimism in their search of a better future with careful planning and collaboration with medical professionals and facilitators. Cancer treatment overseas is now easier with end to end bespoke services from CancerFax.

Lung cancer treatment abroad

Lung cancer is a frightening disease that necessitates extensive and personalized care. Exploring lung cancer treatment overseas can give a ray of hope for those looking for alternative options and cutting-edge medicines. International destinations recognised for excellent medical facilities and professional oncologists provide a diverse range of novel treatments that can improve patient outcomes.

Lung cancer treatment abroad

Patients who travel abroad for lung cancer treatment have access to cutting-edge technologies, clinical trials, and multidisciplinary care teams. Countries with famous cancer centres that specialise in lung cancer therapy include the United States, Japan, South-Korea, Israel, China and India.

These global centres provide a variety of therapeutic choices suited to the unique needs of each patient, ranging from targeted treatments and immunotherapies to minimally invasive surgical approaches. Access to these modern treatments in other countries provides a new viewpoint and potential solutions for patients dealing with lung cancer.

When seeking treatment overseas, it is critical to undertake extensive research and speak with medical professionals to ensure that a reputable and accredited facility is chosen. Collaboration with international patient coordinators and medical tourism firm like CancerFax can provide vital help, making the procedure more manageable and accessible.

Lung cancer treatment abroad not only provides patients with access to cutting-edge medical therapies, but also allows them to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, cultivating a sense of hope, resilience, and empowerment throughout their treatment journey.

Finally, lung cancer therapy overseas provides a ray of hope for patients looking for new treatment alternatives and breakthrough medications. Patients can receive sophisticated treatments and benefit from the experience of famous healthcare specialists by travelling to reputed overseas destinations. While seeking treatment overseas necessitates cautious deliberation, it opens the door to novel treatments that have the ability to alter people’s lives. Individuals can embark on a path of healing and fresh optimism in their fight against lung cancer by collaborating with medical specialists and receiving support from international patient coordinators.

Breast cancer treatment abroad

Breast cancer is a major public health issue that affects millions of women globally. Exploring breast cancer treatment abroad offers fresh pathways of hope and healing for people seeking comprehensive and sophisticated treatment alternatives. Cutting-edge medical facilities and specialist oncologists specializing in breast cancer can be found in renowned worldwide destinations such as the United States, Japan, South-Korea, Singapore, Israel, China and India.

Breast cancer treatment abroad guide and process

Patients who travel abroad for breast cancer treatment have access to cutting-edge diagnostic procedures, novel medicines, and personalized care. These global hubs provide a wide range of therapeutic methods suited to individual needs, ranging from targeted treatments and immunotherapies to innovative surgical techniques.

Seeking breast cancer treatment abroad not only gives you access to cutting-edge medical techniques, but it also allows you to tap into the experience of famous professionals. Multidisciplinary care teams, clinical trials, and the most recent research developments in the field can all assist patients.

When seeking treatment overseas, it is critical to conduct thorough research and speak with medical professionals in order to find a reputable and accredited facility. International patient coordinators and medical tourism firms can be quite helpful in ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated treatment journey.

Breast cancer treatment abroad not only provides patients with hope for better health results, but also allows them to explore foreign cultures and develop a new perspective. It promotes resilience, empowerment, and the sense that recovery prospects transcend beyond borders.

Finally, for patients seeking comprehensive and advanced care, breast cancer treatment overseas gives up a world of possibilities. Individuals can embark on a journey to rehabilitation and improved quality of life by gaining access to leading medical facilities, cutting-edge treatments, and the experience of recognized professionals. Breast cancer patients can embrace the possibility of better outcomes and a brighter future with careful planning, collaboration with medical specialists, and support from international patient coordinators like CancerFax.


For details on cost of cancer treatment abroad, medical visa, and complete process please send medical summary, latest blood reports, PET scan report, biopsy report and other necessary reports to You can also call or WhatsApp +91 96 1588 1588.

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