Cancer treatment & care in Bangladesh

Cancer treatment & care in Bangladesh. For cancer consultation connect with +91 96 1588 1588, consultation is totally free for cancer patients.

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Cancer treatment in Bangladesh is in a nascent stage. Bangladesh, a South Asian nation situated toward the east of India on the Bay of Bengal, has a populace of 156 million. With 1,074 individuals for each square kilometer, Bangladesh is additionally a standout among the most thickly populated nations.
Cancer is the sixth driving reason for death and records for 10% of all mortality in Bangladesh. In view of two emergency clinic based malignant growth vaults, about 66% of patients with disease are evaluated to be inside the age section of 30 to 65 years and establish the fundamental workforce structure in the nation.
Breast cancer, esophageal, and cervical cancer are the most well-known malignancies by rate in Bangladesh. Be that as it may, esophageal, lung, and pharyngeal malignant growths represent the most elevated rates of disease related mortality. The occurrence of diseases is required to ascend from 136,719 cases in 2015 to 250,726 cases in 2035. Lung disease is the most widely recognized cancer growth in men in Bangladesh, and 48.3% of men smoke tobacco. With tobacco being a standout among the most vital modifiable disease chance elements.
Breast cancer growth is the most well-known disease in ladies in Bangladesh. In spite of this reality, the most fundamental preventive administrations (bosom palpation) are not all around accessible at the essentially human services level. Nonetheless, endeavors are in progress to enhance training and mindfulness on self-bosom examination. With a high rate and mortality from esophageal and pharyngeal malignancies, instructive endeavors on mouth self-examination are likewise in progress.


Cancer treatment in Bangladesh

Due to severe scarcity of trained oncologists and radio therapy specialists in Bangladesh most of the patients look to visit India for cancer treatment. Kolkata being very close to Bangladesh most of the patients land in Kolkata for cancer treatment. Kolkata is home to some of the finest cancer doctors and hospitals. Hospitals in Kolkata are equipped with world class technology to overcome any kind of cancer.
CancerFax Cancer Helpline in India helps cancer patients get the best yet most economical cancer treatment in India.

For cancer treatment and surgery connect with us at +91 96 1588 1588​. Or email your reports at for free consultation.

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