Treatment in India from Bangladesh

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Treatment in India for patients travelling from Bangladesh is on a rise. One out of 3 patients travelling to India from foreign countries is from Bangladesh. To catch on to these emerging markets, some hospitals have opened their liaison offices or appointed consultants. Out of a total of 4,60,000 patients who came to India for medical treatment, 1.65,000 were from Bangladesh in 2015-16. Direct train between Dhaka to Kolkata and bus services between Dhaka / Khulna to Kolkata have opened new and cheap route of transport between these two cities making it easier for foreigners to travel to India for medical treatment. Treatment in orthopedics, cancer, cardiology, & neurology are the top draws for foreign tourists in India. Treatment in India from Bangladesh can be difficult as most of the patients do not have any idea about treatment in India and thus many a times they land up in lot of trouble and problems. Preferred cities for treatment in India from Bangaldesh  are Chennai, Kolkata, Vellore, Kerala, Goa, Delhi & Mumbai. Medical visa can be easily obtained by furnishing certain details for treatment in India from Bangladesh.

Problems faced by Bangladeshi patients in India

  • Lack of knowledge about hospitals.
  • Lack of knowledge about the right doctor for their treatment needs & requirements.
  • lack of idea about possible expenses for a particular treatment.
  • Lack of knowledge about travel options.
  • Lack of knowledge on hotels / guest houses.
  • Patients usually have no idea about number of day stay in India and thus they land up in financial trouble.
  • lack of local help and guidance.
  • Language problem in southern cities of India.

What is the best way to take treatment in India for Bangladeshi patients ?

Best way to take treatment in India for Bangladeshi patients is to connect with us at +91 96 1588 1588 on WhatsApp / IMO / Viber.

Why us ?

  • We connect you to your choice of hospital and doctor.
  • Immediate appointment in Apollo Chennai, CMC Vellore, Global Chennai and other leading hospitals.
  • We guide & help you in choosing right doctor & hospital for your treatment requirements.
  • We help you in getting a treatment plan and approximate of expenses for your treatment requirements.
  • We also let you know the approximate number of day stay is required in India so that you come fully prepared.
  • We help you in searching right hotel / guest house close to the hospital in order to save on cost.
  • We ensure patient do not spend more than quoted price for the treatment.
  • We also provide all the local help required for treatment in India.


Complete process of taking treatment in India for Bangladeshi patients

Choosing the right hospital

First step in order to take correct treatment is choosing the right hospital as per paying capacity and treatment needs. Its important that you do a thorough research before choosing to come to India. Best is leave that work to CancerFax care. We provide you with few options as per your treatment & financial requirements. Out of those options, patient can choose the best suitable option.

Sending medical reports

Once the choice of hospital has been made, send a mail to the hospital or at asking for a possible treatment plan and approximate of expenses. Although it is difficult to provide exact medical treatment plan and expense details, but an approximate can be provided.

Medical visa to India

Once you decide upon the hospital based on treatment plan and budget send patient and attendants passport copies to the hospital requesting for medical visa. Check the complete process by clicking on the below link.

Guide on medical visa from Bangladesh to India

Apply for medical visa & travel to India

Once you get the medical visa letter from the hospital, now you can apply for medical visa with Indian embassy.

Documents required for Indian medical visa

  • Medical invitation letter from a recognized hospital.
  • Recommendation from the local doctor for treatment abroad.
  • 6 month bank statement.
  • Solvency certificate from bank.

Visa Processing Fees

There is no visa fee for Bangladeshi passport holders applying for Indian medical visa.

Visa processing time

7 days.
There are three Indian Consulates in Bangladesh where people can directly apply medical visa to India
These are located at Dhaka, Rajshahi & Chittagong.

Floor – G1, South Court, Jamuna Future Park ,
Progoti Sharani, Dhaka – 1229
LOCAL: +880 9612-333666
International: +880 9612-333666
LOCAL: +880 9612-333666
International: +880 9612-333666
284/II, Housing Estate Sopura
Uposhahar, Rajshahi
LOCAL: (0721) 861.213
International: +880.721.861.213
LOCAL: (0721) 861.212
International: +880.721.861.212
Holding No. 2111
Zakir Hossain Road, Khulshi
Chittagong Bangladesh
LOCAL: (031) 654.148
International: +880.31.654.148
LOCAL: (031) 654.147
International: +880.31.654.147

There are some authorized agents in Bangladesh who can be helpful in getting medical visa. Details of such agents are –

210, Narail Road, Jessore
(Opposite of BADC seed storage godown suparibagan)
Jessore, Bangladesh.
09612 333 666, 09614 333 666 09612 333 666
297/1, Masakanda,
1st Floor, Masakanda Bus Stand,
09612 333 666, 09614 333 666 09614 333 666
North City Super Market,
1st Floor, Barisal City Corporation,
Amrita Lal Dey Road,Barisal
09612 333 666, 09614 333 666 09614 333 666
J B Sen Road,
Opposite Ram Krishana Mission,
Mahigonj, Rangpur
88-05-2167074 88-05-2167074
2111, Zakir Hossain Road, Habib Lane,
Opposite Holy Crescent Hospital, Chittaghong
00-88 -031-2551100 00-88-031-2524492
State Bank of India
Roseview Complex, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet-3100
00-88-0821 – 719273 00-88-0821-719932
Dr. Motiar Rahman Tower,
64, KDA Avenue, KDA Commercial Area,
Banking Zone, Khulna-9100,Bangladesh
00-88-041-2833893 00-88-041-2832493
Morium Ali Tower,
Holding No-18, Plot No-557, 1ST Floor,
Old Bilsimla, Greater Road,
Barnali More, 1ST Floor, Ward No-10,Rajshahi.
88-0721-812534, 88-0721-812535 00-88-041-2832493

If you connect with us our representative will be there to welcome you in India and for your help here. Treatment in India from Bangladesh is on rise and is made easy by companies like CancerFax.

Connect with us at +91 96 1588 1588 or write to us at for all the above mentioned help.

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