Eat more walnuts to help you stay away from colorectal cancer

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Nut-rich diets, such as walnuts, have been shown to play a role in heart health and reducing colorectal cancer. According to a new study, the impact of walnuts on intestinal microbes and the existence of trillions of microbes or bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract may be some of the health benefits. Research results published in the Journal of Nutrition show that edible walnuts not only affect the secondary bile acids produced by intestinal flora and microorganisms, but also reduce the LDL-cholesterol levels of adults participating in the study. Gastrointestinal health is good.

“We found that when you eat walnuts, it increases the microbes that produce butyric acid, which is a beneficial metabolite that is beneficial to colon health.” Therefore, the interaction of walnuts with the microbiome helps produce some health effects, “Hannah Holscher said.


In this study, the diet of 18 healthy male and female adults included 0 grams of walnuts or 42 grams—about one-third of a cup or more walnuts in one palm—for two or three weeks. Fecal and blood samples were collected at the beginning and end of each phase to assess the secondary results of the study, including the impact of walnut consumption on fecal microorganisms and bile acids and healthy metabolic markers. The consumption of walnuts leads to the relative abundance of three bacteria of interest: fecal bacteria, red blood cells, and Clostridium.

The results also showed that compared with the control group, the consumption of walnuts reduced secondary bile acids. Hannah Holscher explained that people with a higher incidence of colorectal cancer have higher levels of secondary bile acids. Secondary bile acids can damage cells in the gastrointestinal tract, and microorganisms can produce secondary bile acids. If we can reduce the secondary bile acid in the intestines, it can also help human health.

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