Wave knife therapy for primary liver cancer

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For people around the age of 50, due to the degeneration of various organs of the body, if they are troubled by liver cirrhosis or fatty liver disease, they can easily turn into cancer and show symptoms of liver cancer. In recent years, the incidence of primary liver cancer has been increasing, and it is also one of the main causes of cancer death. Therefore, treatment is performed at the early stage of liver cancer, and the possibility of cure is relatively high.


What factors can cause liver cancer?

Most liver cancers in China are related to the hepatitis virus, especially those with chronic hepatitis B virus infection and long-term heavy drinking. The possibility of liver cancer is much higher than that of the general population. In addition, aflatoxin, drinking water pollution, Clonorchis sinensis infection and other factors are also related to cancer.

Anyone can get liver cancer

Anyone can get liver cancer, and people with basic liver disease, older than 40 years old, and family history of liver cancer should pay more attention to it and check it regularly. Liver cancer can be properly prevented, detected, diagnosed and treated in time.

The radiographic knife is a very typical radiotherapy. This year is the 10th year in China. In terms of local tumors, lung cancer is done a lot. According to professional statistics, as of 2014, the lung cancer treated with the radio knife reached more than 700. Cases, including 200 cases of early-rising lung cancer. With the use of jet knife, the local control rate in three years is about 90%, and the three-year survival rate is about 70%. The results are better.

The beam knife is the world’s latest full-body stereotactic radiosurgery equipment. It is the only device that uses real-time image guidance technology. The only system that uses the body skeleton structure as the target area orientation and beam correction in the treatment. The only treatment in the treatment that can track the patient’s breath in real time during the “surgery” process. Radiation surgery weapon.

Although the name of the beam knife is easily reminiscent of a scalpel, it uses radiographic X-ray therapy and does not involve invasive operations. It can select 150-250 of more than 1,200 rays and then focus on the tumor from different directions. The lethality of the tumor is like surgical cutting.

The magic of it lies in its accuracy. The gold label is implanted into the tumor in advance, which ensures accurate positioning when doing radiotherapy, and directly affects the tumor with a robot arm that completely imitates the human arm. Even when a person is breathing, the jet knife can accurately track the tumor moving due to breathing, which can produce an extremely precise surgical cutting effect on the edge of the tumor, so that the healthy cells around the tumor are less damaged, and there is no need to Hemp, puncture, etc.

Although compared with other treatment methods, the rate of radiotherapy for liver cancer is higher, but patients should also be adjusted from daily life, try to maintain a positive and happy mood state, if too anxious will lead to physical The resistance is reduced, which can cause the cancer cells to continue to spread, making treatment more difficult.

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