A45 treatment for liver cancer

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For older people, due to the continuous deterioration of physical functions, it is easy to cause the possibility of cancer, and for patients with diseases such as hepatitis or cirrhosis, the possibility of developing liver cancer is relatively large, and It is an organ with no painful nerves in the human body. Even if the symptoms of liver cancer occur, many patients will ignore it and will not pay attention to it, which will cause its harm to increase.


How to prevent liver cancer?

Liver cancer is a disease that is very common in modern life and seriously threatens health. We should pay attention to its prevention and treatment to avoid the tragedy of liver cancer.

1. Vaccination against hepatitis B

Extensive vaccination of hepatitis B is the most effective method to directly control the spread of hepatitis B. The incidence of hepatitis B is reduced, and the incidence of liver cancer is also reduced.

2. Quit smoking

Unhealthy living habits are an important factor leading to liver cancer in most people, and tobacco and alcohol are the most important factors that can cause various diseases. As we all know, alcohol harms the liver, and long-term alcohol abuse will undoubtedly cause liver damage. The frequent drinking of liver disease patients will greatly increase the risk of liver cancer.

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits

People who are deficient in selenium should use selenium polysaccharides, selenium-enriched yeast, etc. to supplement selenium and enhance the body’s resistance to cancer cells. Vegetables and fruits protect the liver from the interaction of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Green leafy vegetables and carrots, potatoes, citrus, etc. have the strongest preventive effect. The best daily intake is about 400-800 grams. Long-term consumption can reduce the chance of liver cancer by 20%.

4. Eat less moldy and pickled foods

Moldy food is contaminated with aflatoxin, which is a strong carcinogen. Never eat moldy food. In addition, some people are accustomed to eating preserved foods. Every meal needs to add a bit of preserved food to serve, but the preserved food contains a lot of nitrosamines, which is a common chemical carcinogen in life. In addition, patients with severely impaired liver function should be careful not to consume too much animal protein, which increases the burden on the liver.

A45 liver cancer treatment is a popular treatment method in recent years. It is a personalized and digital targeted treatment method. It mainly uses a unique electron accelerator to perform low-dose irradiation, mainly irradiating the cancer cell mitochondria. Amino acids produce a chemical reaction that effectively kills cancer cells locally or throughout the body. Under normal circumstances, it will not harm normal cells, and uses singlet oxygen to kill aerobic and anaerobic systems. Cancer cells, thereby establishing basic immunity, and using the cancer cell antigens that have died in patients to be released to the outside of the cells, killing the primary and metastatic tumors.

It is particularly effective for patients with advanced tumors, including various patients with advanced tumors or patients with systemic metastasis. It can control the spread of the patient’s disease, which can delay the survival time of the patient to a large extent and can also improve the The quality of life, the care of patients during treatment, can not be ignored.

Although a45 treatment has a relatively ideal effect on liver cancer, when patients have to start from daily life, try to avoid the possibility of suffering from malignant tumors, they must develop good habits in daily life and improve their resistance, At the same time, we must adjust our diet to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, so that we can avoid body cell disease.

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