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Facing a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, but advancements in medical science offer hope. Immunotherapy treatment for cancer in India is a revolutionary approach that is transforming cancer treatment by using the power of your own immune system to fight the disease. Unlike traditional treatments like chemotherapy, which target both cancer and healthy cells, immunotherapy trains your body to recognize and eliminate cancer cells specifically.

This innovative therapy is gaining momentum for providing leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma treatment in India with leading hospitals incorporating it into treatment plans for various cancers. If you’re considering immunotherapy, understanding the cost of immunotherapy cancer treatment in India and finding the right healthcare provider are crucial steps. 

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How Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment In India Help Patients Fight Cancer?

Immunotherapy changes the game in cancer treatment by boosting your own immune system to combat the disease. Unlike traditional approaches, which attack directly, immunotherapy trains your immune cells to recognize and eliminate cancer.

Our body’s defense system, known as the immune system, often protects us from infections. However, when it comes to cancer, the immune system suffers because cancer cells avoid it. They don’t have the usual markers that the immune system looks for to identify threats.

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment in India

Sometimes cancer cells send signals to prevent the immune system from attacking them. Immunotherapy trains the immune system to recognize and destroy these tough cancer cells.

Immunotherapy eliminates the “camouflage” that cancer cells adopt and provides your T cells with specialized tools for identifying and eliminating them.

This can include releasing the immune system’s natural brakes, genetically modifying T cells for focused attacks, or conducting training sessions with “weakened” cancer cells.

Ultimately, immunotherapy tries to boost your body’s defenses, resulting in a powerful and long-lasting response to cancer. CAR T-cell therapy is an advanced type of immunotherapy that uses a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. The cost of car t cell therapy in India is around 57,000 USD which is comparatively less than in other countries.

What Are The Type Of Immunotherapy?

Checkpoint Inhibitors

Checkpoint inhibitors are a type of immunotherapy that targets proteins produced by cancer cells that suppress the immune system. These inhibitors work by reactivating the checkpoints on T-cells, the immune system’s killer cells. Checkpoints work like switches, activating or deactivating T-cell functions. Cancer cells frequently turn down these switches to avoid detection, but checkpoint inhibitors successfully reverse this process, allowing the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.


CAR T-Cell Therapy

Adoptive cell transfer is a modern type of immunotherapy in India in which doctors remove specific white blood cells called T-cells from a patient, change them to recognize and target cancer cells, multiply these modified cells, and then reinfuse them back into the patient’s body. This type of immunotherapy, known as CAR T-cell therapy, shows promise in treating cancer when traditional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation fail. It’s like giving the body a personalized army to battle cancer, with the hope of better and more successful treatments.


Cancer Vaccines

These vaccines, like traditional ones, train the immune system to recognize and fight specific cancer cells. However, instead of weaker viruses or bacteria, they may use weakened or changed cancer cells or their components.


Monoclonal Antibodies

These lab-made molecules imitate natural immune system components. They can directly attack cancer cells, block their growth signals, or deliver toxic payloads specifically to cancer cells



Cytokines serve an important part in our body’s defense against abnormal or harmful cells. These proteins, which include interleukin and interferon, serve as messengers that help the immune system recognize and eliminate threats.

Cytokines interfere with the division and growth of cancer cells, preventing them from multiplying. Moreover, they enhance the functions and growth of killer T-cells, which are vital for recognizing and destroying abnormal cells.

Furthermore, cytokines can make cancer cells more visible to the immune system, resulting in a more targeted and effective response.

What Are The Benefits Of Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer In India?

Immunotherapy for cancer in India has emerged as a promising and increasingly used treatment for various cancers, offering several benefits over chemotherapy and radiation. Here are some key advantages:

CAR T Cell therapy for lymphoma in China

1. Research has shown a 70% success rate in the treatment of advanced stages of some cancer, resulting in increased response rates and longer survival times when compared to traditional therapies.

2. Compared to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, immunotherapy has fewer and milder side effects. This can considerably improve patients’ quality of life throughout therapy by lowering complications and discomfort.

3. Immunotherapy treatment for cancer in India can be effectively combined with chemotherapy and radiation, often increasing their effectiveness and improving overall outcomes.

CAR T Cell therapy cost in China

4. While the cost of immunotherapy varies, it may be more cost-effective in the long run than other therapies, especially considering the possibility of improved survival and fewer side effects.

5. Unlike chemotherapy, which affects both healthy and cancer cells, immunotherapy focuses on the immune system, causing less damage to healthy tissues and fewer side effects.

6. Unlike conventional therapies, immunotherapy cancer treatment in India can stimulate long-term immune responses against cancer cells, potentially leading to remission or even cure in some situations. This is notably evident in cancers like melanoma.

Types Of Cancer Treated With Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment In India

1. Lung cancer

2. Gallbladder cancer

3. Breast cancer

4. Bladder cancer

5. Head and neck cancers

6. Liver cancer

7. Kidney Cancer

8. Prostate cancer

9. Colorectal cancer

10. Stomach cancer

The Cost Of Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer In India

Immunotherapy cost in India poses a significant financial challenge for many patients. The frequency of immunotherapy sessions varies based on individual patient conditions, typically occurring on a monthly basis. Each session costs ₹1.5-4.5 lakh, depending on clinical criteria and prerequisites. Doctors carefully organize the treatment schedule and drug dosages based on the patient’s clinical assessment and unique requirements. Despite high immunotherapy treatment cost in India, many people opt for this therapy as it offers more chances of survival. However, if you are facing financial challenges with this treatment, simply get in touch with us. We can help you find the best options for free immunotherapy in India.

Best Hospitals For Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment In India

Browse the list of the best cancer hospitals providing immunotherapy treatment for cancer in India.

TATA Memorial Cancer Hospital, India

Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai is one of the world’s oldest cancer facilities and offers the best immunotherapy treatment in India. The immunotherapy cost in Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai is around 2-3 lakhs per month. With 600 beds, 37 ICU beds, and 25 operating rooms, it delivers excellent patient care while also promoting new research and training.


Tata Medical Center, Kolkata

Tata Medical Center, Kolkata

Tata Medical Center is a renowned cancer care institute with a dedicated department for immunotherapy in Kolkata. It offers a wide range of immunotherapy treatments for various cancers. This is the best immunotherapy center in India having highly qualified oncologists and researchers actively involved in clinical trials.


National Cancer Institute (AIIMS), Delhi

AIIMS, Delhi

Being a powerhouse of medical excellence, AIIMS Institute provides the best immunotherapy in Delhi. Established in 1983, this 200-bed facility offers a light of hope for countless patients. The immunotherapy cost in AIIMS Delhi can range between 1.63 – 4.50 lakhs per session. As part of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, this is the best hospital for immunotherapy in India which is not only known for its expertise but also affordability.


Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bangalore

Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bangalore

Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre in Bangalore stands tall as one of Asia’s largest cancer facilities, boasting NABH and NABL accreditations. It was one of the first hospitals to start immunotherapy in Bangalore, India. Being the best immunotherapy hospital in India it has modern facilities and infrastructure that offer precise diagnosis and effective treatment.


CancerFax Help You Find The Best Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer In India

CancerFax is here to help you find the finest immunotherapy cancer treatment in India. We know how important it is to receive high-quality care at a reasonable price. Our partner hospitals provide immunotherapy as part of a complete cancer treatment plan that adheres to international standards and norms.

Dealing with cancer is tough both physically and mentally, and our partnered hospitals ensure that patients receive end-to-end support and care at every stage of treatment.

CancerFax, which has successfully treated thousands of cancer patients, connects you with respected healthcare providers to ensure you obtain the finest immunotherapy treatment tailored to your specific needs.

FAQs Related To Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer In India

Is immunotherapy for cancer available in India?

Yes, immunotherapy treatment for cancer is offered by many top-notch hospitals and medical institutes in India.

Can cancer be cured with immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy can help cure some tumors and has a promising future in cancer treatment.

Can Stage 4 cancer be cured?

In some circumstances, Stage 4 cancer can be treated, although complete recovery is not assured.

Is immunotherapy the future of cancer treatment?

Immunotherapy treatment like CAR T cell therapy is considered a promising and evolving aspect of the future of cancer treatment.

Which hospital offers immunotherapy for gallbladder cancer in India?

Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai has a dedicated immunotherapy department and provides immunotherapy therapies for a variety of cancers, including gallbladder cancer.

What is the success rate of immunotherapy for breast cancer in India?

The success rate of immunotherapy in India for cancer is 60%.

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