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Discover Excellence In Multiple Myeloma Treatment In India

Are you facing the challenge of Multiple Myeloma and seeking the right treatment? The road to recovery begins with finding expertise in multiple myeloma treatment in India.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, 11,602 people suffer from this serious health issue. However, where there’s hope, miracles happen!

Did you know what the multiple myeloma survival rate in India is?

Well, studies suggest with the right treatment 80% of patients can live for more than 5 years.

It’s completely normal to feel concerned about finding the best care, especially when you’re aiming for a longer disease-free life.

Take a deep sigh of relief! We can help you discover a team of experienced hematologists dedicated to extending your disease-free survival.

They perform advanced bone marrow transplant procedures coupled with targeted maintenance therapy that promises not just a long but a quality disease-free period with complete remission.

Just imagine the power of this treatment that can actively make new, healthy blood cells, efficiently attacking and curing your cancer.

Get ready to end your fight against multiple myeloma by booking the best myeloma treatment in India!

Say Yes To Life With CAR T Cell Therapy Treatment In India

Choose life, choose hope with CAR T cell therapy treatment in India. We’re here to tell you about a new myeloma treatment in India that works with your body to fight cancer. 

It’s like supercharging your immune system. Saying yes to this therapy means saying yes to more moments, smiles, and time with loved ones.

CAR T Cell Therapy is a new cancer treatment that has shown exceptional potential in the treatment of multiple myeloma. This new way of treating cancer is like upgrading your body’s defense system. Doctors take your immune system cells, called T cells, and train them to find and fight cancer cells.

In the case of multiple myeloma, the modified CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) T cells are designed to target BCMA, a protein found on the surface of myeloma cells.

When these supercharged T cells are reintroduced into the patient’s body, they successfully seek out and destroy cancer cells, providing a powerful and focused response.

The good news is that CAR T Cell Therapy has shown remarkable success in multiple myeloma, with some patients experiencing profound and long-lasting responses. It can bring you one step closer to victory over this difficult disease.

Know The Cost Of CAR T Cell Therapy In India

Cost Of CAR T Cell Therapy In India

Understanding the cost of CAR T Cell Therapy in India is an important step towards making informed treatment decisions. If you are worried about the high treatment cost then rest assured, as multiple myeloma treatment cost in India are affordable now. 

Currently priced at approximately USD 57,000, this makes India an economically favorable destination compared to several other countries.

However, different hospitals may have different pricing structures influenced by their technology, expertise, and additional facilities. Furthermore, the type of CAR T-cell therapy required as well as the patient’s condition can have an impact on the overall cost.

Excitingly, Indian businesses such as Immunoact, Immuneel, and Cellogen are preparing to launch their CAR T-Cell treatments, which are expected to be in the range of $30,000 to $40,000.

This will surely benefit the patients looking for advanced cancer care at an affordable cost.

What Exactly Is Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that starts in plasma cells. These plasma cells are the white blood cells found in bone marrow. Plasma cells play an important role in the immune system by creating antibodies that help the body fight infections.

In multiple myeloma, these plasma cells become cancerous and start to grow uncontrollably, crowding out normal cells in the bone marrow.

As the cancerous plasma cells multiply, they can produce an excess of monoclonal antibodies or M proteins, which can cause complications.

Overgrowth of plasma cells can also result in the formation of tumors in the bone marrow, affecting the production of normal blood cells. This can result in anemia, weaker bones, and a decreased immune system.

People often ignore its early symptoms by mistaking it for other illnesses. However, early detection is essential to prevent the growth of myeloma cells.

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Multiple Myeloma?

Learn the warning signs of multiple myeloma to start the treatment as early as possible –

  • Persistent pain, often in the back, hips, or ribs
  • Tiredness and weakness that continues despite proper rest
  • A weakened immune system can cause more infections
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Nausea, Vomiting and Constipation
  • Back pain due to kidney dysfunction

What Are The Causes Of Multiple Myeloma?

We don’t exactly know why some people get multiple myeloma, but according to the medical community, some factors can influence its growth in the human body.

Although it is not something you inherit straight from your family, having a family member with it may increase your risk slightly. The problem begins when harmful cells grow excessively in your bone marrow, primarily in large bones. These harmful cells don’t follow the normal rules of growing and dying like they should. Instead, they multiply too quickly and don’t stop.

This unregulated growth results in an overabundance of cancerous plasma cells, which outweigh their healthy counterparts and cause a variety of issues. Adding more problems to the condition, these abnormal plasma cells produce antibodies that don’t work the way they should. These useless antibodies hang around, causing issues like damage to your kidneys or bones. Even though we’re learning more, the exact reasons why some get multiple myeloma are still a bit of a puzzle for doctors.


Meet The Best Doctor For Multiple Myeloma In India

Dr. Sewanti Limaye

Dr. Sewanti Limaye

Medical oncology


Dr. Limaye brings a wealth of experience to her role, having served as an assistant professor of medicine and a specialist in early drug development at Columbia University Medical Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Limaye is well-known in the area for her experience in treating a wide range of solid tumors, including breast, lung, head and neck, GI, GU, and gynecological cancers. 


Dr Srikanth M (MD, DM)



Dr. Srikanth M. is one of the best multiple myeloma specialist in India. He is the most experienced and respected hematologist. He treats a wide range of health issues, including acute and chronic illnesses such as anemia and hematological tumors such as leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma


Dr Revathi Raj (MD, DCH)

Pediatric Hematology


Meet Dr. Revathi Raj, a highly skilled doctor known for her expertise in bone marrow transplants, especially for children. With over 2000 successful transplants, she’s considered one of the best pediatric specialists in India. Dr. Raj has successfully treated children with a variety of blood disorders with an 80% cure rate.

Discover The Best Hospital For Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma In India

Empower your battle against multiple myeloma with the finest medical care in India. Get compassionate care, advanced therapies, and a dedicated team committed to guiding you toward a brighter, cancer-free future.

TATA Memorial Cancer Hospital, India

Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai is the best hospital for multiple myeloma in India. It provides world-class multiple myeloma therapy. It is well-known for its excellent infrastructure, a team of the best multiple myeloma doctors in India, and a patient-centric approach. It offers advanced therapies and ensures that every individual receives the best care possible on their journey to recovery.


Apollo Proton Cancer Center Chennai India

Apollo Cancer Hospital

This hospital is known for providing multiple myeloma best treatment in India. At Apollo Cancer Hospital, expertise meets compassion in the fight against multiple myeloma. They prioritize personalized care by using advanced treatments and a committed team of myeloma specialist in India. Starting from chemotherapy to immunotherapy, they combine medical excellence with a supportive environment for effective and comprehensive myeloma treatment.


National Cancer Institute (AIIMS), Delhi

National Cancer Institute (AIIMS), Delhi

AIIMS is a renowned institution for multiple myeloma treatment in Delhi. Their high-tech technologies, world-class facilities, and expert team of oncologists can help you fight against multiple myeloma. Advanced cancer detection techniques and therapies by using AI and genetic analysis always bring positive hope and healing time in people’s lives.


BLK Max Cancer Center New Delhi

BLK Max Cancer Center, Delhi

BLK is the best hospital for multiple myeloma treatment in India. It is a trusted name in multiple myeloma treatment, providing world-class care at affordable cost. Their highly trained oncologists can provide you with the best care possible to win the fight against cancer. You can access all kinds of cancer therapies and treatments and their compassionate care and supportive environment makes the journey much easier for you.


Various Types Of Treatment Options Available To Cure Multiple Myeloma

Discover your options for beating multiple myeloma! From advanced therapies to personalized treatments, find the right path to healing.


Drugs for Multiple Myeloma 

When it comes to treating multiple myeloma, different types of drugs play a key role. These drugs are carefully chosen by the multiple myeloma doctors in India to make sure they work well for each patient.


Chemotherapy: This treatment uses medications such as cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, melphalan, and etoposide to slow the growth of cancer cells. The number of sessions required varies on the severity of the condition.


Steroids: Medicines like Dexamethasone and Prednisone are often given with chemotherapy to make it work better and reduce things like vomiting and nausea.


Histone deacetylase (HAC) Inhibitor: Panobinostat, a targeted therapy medication, helps activate genes that prevent cancer cells from developing.


Immunomodulators: Drugs such as Lenalidomide, Pomalidomide, and Thalidomide help the immune system fight and kill cancer cells.


Proteasome Inhibitors: Bortezomib, carfilzomib, and ixazomib are medications that block cancer cells from digesting proteins that control their growth. They are crucial for treating newly diagnosed or recurring cases of multiple myeloma.



Immunotherapy is a revolutionary method that supercharges the patient’s immune system in the battle against cancer. This method uses a variety of techniques, either manually or in laboratories, to improve the immune system’s functionality.

CAR-T cell treatment is an advanced form of immunotherapy in which T-cells are extracted from the patient’s blood. These T-cells are then carefully designed in a laboratory, where they are trained to recognize and destroy myeloma cells in the body. 

These cells are returned to the patient’s body after being changed, acting as a personalized army to target and destroy cancer cells. This is the best treatment for multiple myeloma in India.


Radiation Therapy 

Radiation therapy uses high doses of radiation to target and reduce tumors or to relieve myeloma-related localized discomfort. External beam radiation targets specific parts of the body, whereas focused radiation therapy targets cancer cells while causing minimal damage to nearby healthy tissue.


Stem Cell Transplant  

This form of therapy becomes necessary when myeloma damages the stem cells in the bone marrow, which are responsible for producing new, healthy blood cells. The patient’s own healthy stem cells are collected and cultivated outside the body prior to the transplant.

To prepare the patient for the transplant, chemotherapy, and other medication therapies are provided to eliminate any remaining cancerous plasma cells.

The doctor carefully calculates the dosage and number of sessions required to eliminate these abnormal cells. Following chemotherapy, the patient receives the previously collected healthy stem cells, which are then reintroduced into the body through an intravenous (IV) infusion. The cost of stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma in India starts from Rs.15Lakhs depending upon the type of transplant.



Plasmapheresis is a procedure that extracts blood, separates plasma containing abnormal proteins, and returns the remaining components to manage complications related to increased protein levels in multiple myeloma. 

While it is not a direct cancer treatment, it does help to relieve related symptoms and improve general well-being.

What Tests Are Required To Diagnose Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is often diagnosed using a series of tests that analyze if there is any sign of the disease. Your doctor will suggest you to perform the following tests to diagnose multiple myeloma:

Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma

Complete Blood Count (CBC): 

This test helps to measure the levels of red blood cells, plasma viscosity, and platelets in the blood.

Blood Calcium Tests: 

Blood calcium tests evaluate calcium levels in the bloodstream, providing important information about bone health and your overall physiological balance.

24-Hour Urine Test:

Measures the levels of certain proteins, including M proteins, which may be raised in multiple myeloma.

Kidney Function Tests: 

This test assesses the performance of the kidneys by examining factors such as creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels in the blood.

Imaging Evaluations:

X-rays: To detect bone damage or fractures.

MRI: Provides detailed images of the bones and bone marrow.

CT scan: Offers detailed cross-sectional images for further evaluation.

Electrophoresis: This technique separates proteins based on their electrical charge, and helps identify abnormal protein patterns.

An Emotional Tale Of Defeating Myeloma

Meet Bjørn Simensen, a courageous 67-year-old who is fighting cancer. The cancer returned after some treatments, but Bjorn did not give up.

Following his early success with chemotherapy, he had difficulties in 2021, leading to a change in treatment to carfilzomib and daratumumab. When this approach showed limitations, he sought help at Lu Daopei Hospital in February 2022.

Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma in India

Detailed examinations revealed malignant plasma cells in his testis. Bjørn then opted for CART cell treatment. On (4/3/2022) CART cells were injected into his body, leading to a temporary fever which was treated with antibiotics.

Surprisingly, his testicular growth returned to normal, and by day 28, his bone marrow showed no plasma cells.

Bjørn’s story shows the power of strong determination and the promise of advanced treatments like immunotherapy, offering new hope to others on their cancer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Which hospital is best for multiple myeloma in India?

Tata Memorial Centre, Apollo Cancer Hospital, Asian Oncology, Artemis, and BLK Super Speciality Hospital are considered the best hospitals for the treatment of multiple myeloma.


What is the most successful treatment for multiple myeloma?

The most successful treatments for multiple myeloma include chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and targeted therapies tailored to individual cases.


What is the cost of multiple myeloma treatment in India?

The cost of multiple myeloma treatment in India ranges from seven to ten lakhs of rupees, depending on the type of treatment, hospital, and individual factors.


Can you live 20 years with multiple myeloma?

With advances in treatment, some people with multiple myeloma can live for more than 20 years, especially if they are diagnosed early and treated effectively.


Can you fully recover from multiple myeloma?

While some patients recover completely from multiple myeloma, the result is dependent on factors such as the stage of diagnosis and responsiveness to treatment.


What is the new multiple myeloma treatment 2023?

As of 2023, new treatments for multiple myeloma include immunotherapies like CAR T Cell Therapy.


What is the survival rate for multiple myeloma in India?

The survival rate for multiple myeloma in India is around 71% if the patient is diagnosed in the earliest stage.


Can I live a normal life with myeloma?

Yes. You can live a normal life with proper management and care. However, adjustments may be needed based on the treatment plan and your health condition.


What is the last stage of multiple myeloma?

The last stage of multiple myeloma is often referred to as Stage III, where the cancer has spread extensively, requiring advanced treatment and care.


What complications are related to multiple myeloma?

Complications related to multiple myeloma may include bone damage, kidney issues, anemia, and susceptibility to infections.


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