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Days Outside Hospital 30

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I was detected with aplastic anemia when I was 17 in Ethiopia. I was sufferring from headaches, nose bleed, blood in the urine and high fever all the time. CancerFax is among world's leading cancer consultation group and work's with leading cancer hospitals and centres. My 7 year old brother donated bone marrow to save my life. After my successfull transplant we are back to our country, and now I can live a norrmal life.
I came for breast cancer treatment to India from Zimbabwe. We contacted Mr Sandeep from CancerFax and he arranged for our medical visa, hotel reservations, doctor appointment and hospital registration. We have received great services, help and support from the CancerFax team during our stay in India. I end up spending almost 50% less than quotes from other hospitals. Now I am totally free from cancer and back to my country.
I came to India for treatment of my brother who was suffering from bone cancer. All the arrangements were made by CancerFax team in India. I am thankful to them for their wonderful services.
I visited India for my heart surgery. I must thank the hospital and CancerFax team for performing my surgery even before our funds got reflected in the hospital account. Thanks for all the help. You treated us like your own family member.
We contacted CancerFax for hip replacement of my mother. Team of CancerFax served us like a family member in India. We also visited some tourist spots in Delhi. Thanks to Mr Sandeep for all the help. I am happy that my mother can walk properly without any pain.
My brother required urgent liver cancer surgery and we contacted CancerFax. My brother's surgery was performed as soon as we arrived in India without any delay. I thank CancerFax for all the help and support provided in India.
I was detected with Colon cancer in Abuja and we planned to travel to India for my treatment. Team of CancerFax helped us find the best doctor and hospital for colon cancer treatment. We are back to our country after our successful treatment.
We thank CancerFax team for finding us the best oncologist for stomach cancer treatment of my brother. We end up spending much less than what was quoted by some other hospitals. Thanks CancerFax for all the services.
I came to India for my treatment. We are happy to take services from CancerFax. They have managed everything very professionally.

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