Samsung Medical Centre Seoul Korea

Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

  • ESTD:1994
  • No. of beds1979
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About Hospital

Since its inception in 1994, the Samsung Medical Center has revolutionized the domestic medical landscape with its pioneering concepts of “patient-centered” care and “customer satisfaction.” Over the past two decades, it has garnered widespread acclaim, securing top rankings in prestigious indices such as the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI), Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI), and Korean Standard – Service Quality Index (KS-SQI), among others. With a vision for “Happiness through Healthcare Innovation” and the ambitious pursuit of “Happinovation 20*20,” the hospital aims to establish itself as a global leader in medical excellence by 2020. Moreover, it is committed to fostering medical innovation, enhancing patient well-being, and serving as a nexus for biohealth research and industry collaboration. As it forges ahead, the Samsung Medical Center remains dedicated to its role as a public institution driving positive social impact and shaping the future of healthcare.

Team and Specialities


The Samsung Medical Center, composed of a main building, annex and cancer hospital, improves infrastructure for future development.
The Proton center was completed in 2014, and construction continues with a target to complete the future medicine hall in 2015 and Ilwon Station building in 2016, and the foundation work for the outpatient treatment center, scheduled to be completed in 2019, has already started on the west side site.

By 2020, when the expansion of all infrastructure is completed, wards, surgery rooms, the intensive care unit, proton treatment center, and the future medical hall designed for research will be located on the main campus of the Samsung Medical Center. The west side site will house the outpatient treatment center, and the Ilwon Station building will house the college of medicine, research center and training center, creating the largest and best domestic medical complex covering all fields of treatment, research and training on a super-special site measuring 578,512.4㎡ in floor area.

The best global medicine complex in the Republic of Korea

By 2020, the Samsung Medical Center will be transformed into a world-class medicine complex.
A new campus, where the current campus responsible for the surgery and hospitalization of serious patients, outpatient treatment center including international medical center, and advanced medicine science institute and the training facilities of the college of medicine will be housed, will be completed. When this campus is completed, convergence and composite medical research covering hospital-research institute-school-enterprises become possible, which not only promotes the medical competitiveness of Korea’s medicine but enables the Samsung Medical Center to grow into a global medical hub connected to the medical and bio industries.



Hospital Address


(06351) 81 Irwon-Ro Gangnam-gu. Seoul, Korea


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