Three abnormalities in the body are signs of cervical cancer

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Cervicitis is a very common gynecological disease, and many people begin to worry after diagnosis of cervicitis: Will cervicitis worsen into cervical cancer ? Is there a way to prevent cervical cancer?

Will cervicitis worsen into cervical cancer?

Three abnormalities in the body are signs of cervical cancer! Early discovery can save lives. Under normal circumstances, cervicitis will not deteriorate into cervical cancer, but women with cervicitis have a 10% higher chance of getting cervical cancer than ordinary people.

So why are there rumors of cervicitis becoming cervical cancer online?

There are two main cases:

1. The early symptoms of cervical cancer are similar to cervicitis. If the precancerous lesions are treated as ordinary cervicitis, it is easy to delay treatment and develop into cancer.

2. After the cervix is ​​injured, it is more likely to be stimulated by hormones, trauma or viruses. Inflammation of the cervix will also accelerate the proliferation and mutation of epithelial cells, further develop into precancerous lesions and eventually become cancer. Therefore, don’t neglect the treatment of cervicitis because it has a low chance of becoming cancerous.

Early symptoms of cervical cancer

1. Vaginal bleeding

The main symptom of young patients is vaginal bleeding, usually contact bleeding, sex life, gynecological examination or bleeding after stool, the amount of bleeding is uncertain, can be more or less, mainly depends on the size of cancer, whether it invades the surrounding blood vessels .

Early lesions are small, without invading large blood vessels, and the amount of bleeding is relatively small. In the late stage, the lesions are larger and will show a large amount of bleeding. If there are large blood vessels invading, the amount of bleeding is more and it may be life-threatening. Younger patients may have longer menstrual periods, shorter menstrual cycles, and increased menstrual flow. Elderly patients have irregular vaginal bleeding because of menopause.

2. Vaginal drainage

Cervical cancer patients will find that their vagina will discharge white or bloody water-like rice soup-like liquid, the amount is increased, and it is accompanied by a fishy smell.

In the later stages, leucorrhea is discharged from the vagina, because the cancer tissue ruptures, the surrounding tissue necrosis, or because of secondary infection, often purulent or rice soup-like, and accompanied by malodor.

3. Other symptoms

When the cancer invades the surrounding tissues and presses against the urethra, it can cause symptoms of frequent urination. If it presses into the rectum, it can cause symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, constipation, and anal swelling.

The bivalent HPV vaccine is already on the market domestically, and women with conditions can go for it. However, it can only prevent 70% of cervical cancers, and it is still necessary to do regular TCT and HPV tests to screen for cervical cancer.

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