Things that can be done by cancer patients to get rid of it totally

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Cancer requires not only regular treatment, but also patient self-treatment! Rossy’s detailed research found that these successful anti-cancer people all have magical commonalities!

First, completely change the way of life!

The occurrence of cancer is closely related to lifestyle. Smoking, drinking, drinking late at night, eating meat, not exercising, etc., all cause chronic damage to cells. After getting sick, continuing these bad habits will also increase the burden of cells, so for health, you need to completely change your lifestyle.

For life habits that have been maintained for decades, it may be difficult to change suddenly. It is best to supervise each other and change together with family and friends.

Cancer and sleep

1. Sleep is more important than anything, sleep is the best way to enhance immunity!

After the serious illness, in order to compensate for the loss of the body, the first promise and change to the body is to sleep well. Many studies have also pointed out that sleep is the best way to enhance immunity. Adequate sleep has a broad effect on preventing or restricting tumor growth. The best time to sleep is after ten o’clock every night, and the ideal length of sleep is seven to eight hours.

There are many ways to help sleep, often also vary from person to person, and are related to the body’s resistance.

Five tips for quality sleep:

1. Do not arrange time-consuming and laborious work before going to bed.

2. Set a time to stop working and work overtime before going to bed, which is far less efficient than getting up early the next day.

3. Record the time you go to bed and wake up every day to develop healthy sleep habits.

4. Don’t feel stressed because of insomnia, relax is best.

5. The quality of sleep is more important than time to keep yourself in a comfortable state.

Cancer & diet

2. Eat a balanced diet that is delicious and unhealthy, and healthy and unpalatable!

The purpose of a healthy diet is to be healthy, and it must be accompanied by good sleep habits and exercise. At the same time, we must pay attention to the source of food. Unless we are sure that it is pesticide-free organic vegetables, we should avoid raw food.

The principle of diet is mainly to balance the quality of the three main types of food:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seafood, low-fat or non-fat foods, as well as beans, nuts, etc .;

2. Eat less red meat and processed meat;

3. Sugar is a food that is considered to be bad for the body and a favorite nutrient for cancer cells. Eat less fried foods, sweets and sugary drinks;

Cancer & Exercise 

3. Exercise is extremely important. Aerobic exercise is a good way to promote cancer cell apoptosis!

Kai-Fu Li said on Weibo: I used to not only not exercise, but also mocked my friends for health. My friend Pan Shiyi said on Weibo: “American scientists have discovered through tens of thousands of years of observation and research: ‘Running people live seven years longer than non-running people.'” I ridiculed him: “Will Have you been running for the extra seven years? “

In fact, many cancer patients do not like sports before they get cancer. However, no matter Chinese medicine, Western medicine or natural medicine doctors tell us, exercise is extremely important. Aerobic exercise can not only promote fat burning to achieve weight loss, but also promote cancer cell apoptosis. It is also a good way to activate natural killer cells.

After getting cancer, try not to drive and walk as much as possible; take a subway or taxi only when you are far away to increase the chance of walking.

After developing exercise habits, I realized that the benefits of exercise are really warm and self-knowledge. I can’t share it with others anyway, only I know it best. Appropriate exercise can promote cardiovascular elasticity, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and also stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine, which makes people happy. The doctor recommends that in addition to walking, you can often walk uphill and downhill to achieve a vigorous heartbeat for at least ten minutes, wait until you are breathless, then relax and walk slowly. Of course, running is also possible. You can even create rotation work like Professor Han Bozhu, as long as you think it is applicable. In short, the body moved, and the living water also moved. It is recommended that you also experience this wonderful feeling together.

Recommended sports methods in cancer

1. Climb the mountain two or three times a week, at least half the time when climbing the mountain.

2. Do yoga or shake hands: two to three times.

3. Walk when you can.

4. Do some interesting exercises.

5. Massage twice a week to dredge the meridian blood.

Second, a good attitude is a good medicine to stimulate self-treatment!

It is not terrible to have cancer in the body. The most terrible thing is to have cancer in mind. With the development of medicine, many cancers are no longer absolutely incurable. Numerous cases have shown that a positive mental state can improve the patient’s immunity and achieve a better therapeutic effect.

1. Negative energy affects immunity!

Resentment and hatred may be one of the important causes of cancer. Usually, the person does not think so, and does not even detect it. This emotional pressure affects the body’s immune system and healing system, or is called heart poison. This is unforgivable. Because there is no excuse, there is deep and strong resentment and hatred. These negative emotions are most likely to occur among relatives and friends in the surroundings. After long-term incubation, the body’s negative energy is full, which may eventually lead to cancer (tumor). 

Repentance and gratitude:

1. Confession. Reflecting confession for yourself or relatives in this life that may make mistakes or misunderstandings about people and things, this force can repair our energy system and self-healing system bit by bit. 

2. Thanksgiving. Be sincere and grateful for your family and friends. The gratitude after confession is more powerful.

3. Forgive and let go. Thinking about the past may cause misunderstandings or disputes about things, and sincere forgiveness is also a relief from the self.

2. A good attitude and sense of humor are good medicines for exerting its own curative effect to treat cancer!

When you can still make jokes and have fun in the hospital bed, your illness is more than half better. Optimistic sense of humor is the sharpest sword for patients to deal with cancer! Please take it as my personal guard! Face all challenges with a “reward to play” gesture. When everything in the world can be regarded as a game we choose on the playground of life, then we will definitely play happily all the way to the end.

How to maintain an optimistic attitude:

1. Cancer is not terminally ill. It is more like a chronic disease, not as dangerous as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can kill people in a short time. Most cancer patients can get different degrees of rehabilitation through multi-disciplinary comprehensive treatment through lifestyle changes.

2. Satisfaction and contentment. Often recall the good times and happy times of the past, don’t always think that you are too difficult to live, don’t blame others.

3. Help others. People live to contribute more to society and the people around them. In the process of helping others, your heart will be filled with great joy. This mentality will undoubtedly increase your confidence in defeating cancer. Do a lot of good and recommend good ideas and good therapies to those around you.

Ten classic anti-cancer cheats!

1. Don’t ask the doctor about the survival rate. Those numbers will only scare you, as long as you work hard and do positive things. Everyone has to find his own method, and others’ methods may not be applicable.

2. Exercise has two key points: being happy and having enough exercise. The most important thing to do anything is to be happy and to continue, it is best to last 1 hour a day to like the most important.

3. Should I eat nutritious food? Eat if you want. After deciding to eat, eat on time, eat happily, and pay attention to changes in the body.

4. The law of keeping in good health: heart → eat → movement → sleep (in order of importance); peaceful heart, balanced eating, proper exercise, and adequate sleep.

5. Keeping in good health is a state of mind. Change quickly. The dead horse becomes a living horse doctor, accept it and face it. The treatment process must be coordinated with many changes including sports, diet, and emotions, and it can be successfully passed.

6. A sick friend can think about whether it is necessary to go to work? (Professor Han took a two-year break) Resigned to fight for time and space to fight cancer; it must be let go before it can be greatly changed.

7. The change is not just for the patient to change, the family members should also make changes together, do not put pressure on the other party and themselves, but self-examination; change yourself, do not ask others. Keep my willing attitude, and then find a way to achieve it.

8. Diet 5S: Choose ingredients carefully, eat a small number of meals, reduce complexity to simple, chew slowly, and enjoy the entrance.

9. Make yourself truly happy! ! The best anti-cancer drug is happiness. Only when you admit mistakes will you release and relax. “It’s all my fault, I want to change, I want to change”. Go back and say to your family: “Thank you! I love you! I was wrong!” All sick people have grievances and hatred in their hearts, and there are people who cannot forgive. You must make up your mind to untie this knot and admit your mistakes before you can have real happiness.

10. Anti-cancer is not really anti-cancer, it is anti-your habits, inertia, inertia, nature, heart, anti-your personality, behavior and habits, these years of bad habits make us sick, these can not be solved, light It is difficult to rely on doctors to use drugs to fight cancer. You must make a big change yourself. 

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