Targeted therapy for gastric cancer is guided by genetic testing

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Genetic testing for gastric cancer

After nearly ten years of development, tumor genetic testing has become the immediate need of a large number of cancer patients. The test report guidance provided by tumor genetic testing perfectly fits the development concept of precision medicine, and has penetrated into all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of tumor patients. For patients, they can choose targeted drugs for precise treatment, avoid detours, and avoid unnecessary side effects. bitter.

Current status of targeted therapy for gastric cancer

In most cases, surgery is still the main treatment for gastric cancer. However, the heterogeneity of gastric cancer is very strong, and its biological behavior is affected by the huge gene regulation in the cell. Therefore, only by classifying the essential characteristics of gastric cancer from the molecular level can early diagnosis and prognosis judgment of the tumor be more reasonable and accurate , Application of molecular targeted drugs for individualized and precise treatment of patients.

At present, following targeted drugs have been approved :

Serial numberTargetdrug
1HER2Trastuzumab (Trastuzumab, Herceptin)
3NTRKLarotrectinib (LOXO-101)
4PD-1Pembrolizumab (K drug)
5VEGFR-2Apatinib (Apatinib, Aitan)

In addition, there are many other targeted drugs related to gastric cancer in clinical trials, such as drugs that block HER2: lapatinib (Tykerb ®), pertuzumab (Perjeta ®) and trastuzumab emtansine (Kadcyla ®). Drugs that block EGFR: Panitumumab (Victibi®) is a drug that targets EGFR that is being tested for gastric cancer.

The Global Oncologist Network reminds everyone that genetic testing is required before targeted therapy . Only by understanding the type of tumor gene mutation can a reasonable treatment plan be developed to benefit patients. In addition, in the selection of genetic testing technology, it is necessary to select the appropriate testing technology according to its corresponding target . Only by choosing products approved by the State Food and Drug Administration can the accuracy and reliability of the test results be guaranteed.

How do patients with gastric cancer choose genetic testing?

The Global Oncologist Network reminds patients that cancer genetic testing and clinical treatment analysis are a systematic project that requires strong laboratory support, high-standard testing quality control and a high-level data analysis team. A good genetic test analysis can avoid the loss of treatment opportunities and save the lives of cancer patients. At present, there are dozens of genetic testing institutions on the market, and patients must carefully select genetic testing companies to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

Here is a genetic testing technology approved by the FDA!


FoundationOne®CDx was approved by the FDA as the first pan-tumor type companion diagnostic product . As a research tool, it assisted the discovery of countless scientific research results, and accumulated a large amount of data during this period. The current test coverage includes 324 genes and two molecular markers (MSI / TMB) that can predict the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors. It can cover all solid tumors (except sarcoma) and can directly correspond to 17 targeted therapies approved by the FDA !

For clinical evaluation of cancer genes, commonly used techniques include Sanger sequencing, mass spectrometry genotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and immunohistochemical analysis (IHC). “Standard single marker detection” such as FISH, IHC and multi-gene hotspot detection (hotspot panel) can only find one or two types of clinically significant genetic abnormalities (such as only base substitutions). Studies have shown that the latest comprehensive next-generation sequencing technology for cancer comprehensive genetic testing can detect all four types of genetic abnormalities (base replacement; insertion and deletion; copy number variation and rearrangement), and is more accurate than traditional, standard tests.

How can cancer patients undergo FoundationOne® CDx testing?

In China, it is an analysis service provided by Dean Diagnostics. Global Oncologist Network can assist cancer patients to receive this service, or genetic testing for domestic authoritative certification. Global Oncologist Network, as a well-known domestic cancer patient service platform, has been The oncology center and well-known cancer experts work closely together to regularly organize such large-scale doctor-patient exchange meetings and popular science lectures to help patients get standardized and authoritative diagnosis and treatment plans through expert consultations at home and abroad, and improve the cure rate. We will also make persistent efforts to continuously introduce the world’s leading anti-cancer information, technology, experts, drugs, clinical trials, etc., and make every effort to provide more patients with better anti-cancer services.

CancerFax as a well-known domestic cancer diagnosis and treatment consulting and service platform, has been committed to providing first-class anti-cancer services for domestic cancer patients, including the latest anti-cancer technology and top cancer expert resources, setting up the largest tumor consultation and consulting center in India, and Cooperate with famous tumor consultation centers and experts in the United States, China, Israel, and Europe to become the most reliable tumor diagnosis and treatment consulting expert in the world.

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