Speed knife technology for the treatment of gastric cancer

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Due to the long-term irregular diet or love to eat spicy and irritating food, many young people are faced with gastroenteritis. If left unattended, it will lead to cell cancer and the possibility of gastric cancer, which is very important for the health of patients. Hazards. The fast blade knife radiotherapy is a kind of cancer treatment method invented by the United States, which has a very good therapeutic effect on gastric cancer.

What dietary habits may induce gastric cancer?

(1) Eat smoked foods frequently: Carcinogen benzopyrene will be produced in large quantities during the process of smoked food, and proteins are easily decomposed to produce mutagen in high temperature environment, especially when baked, and there are also carcinogenic ingredients, which are easy to induce gastric cancer . The edge fast blade knife has excellent therapeutic effects on solid tumors such as head tumors, lung cancer including breast cancer, spine tumors, liver cancer and other tumors that are difficult to perform in conventional surgery, and can have no side effects and little damage to important organs.

(2) Nitrate content in drinking water and food: In areas with high incidence of gastric cancer, the content of nitrate and nitrite in tap water and grains consumed by residents is significantly higher than in areas with low incidence, and these substances can form nitrous acid in the stomach Amine is a very carcinogenic compound.

(3) Often eat preserved foods: According to the survey, compared with those who have eaten westernized diets, the incidence of stomach cancer is much higher in the former; those who have westernized diets not only rarely eat pickled vegetables, but also Eat some fruits and vegetables, especially lettuce and celery are rich in vitamin C, and drinking milk also plays a role in preventing stomach cancer.

The principle of speed front knife treatment

In fact, the treatment of gastric cancer can be solved by radiotherapy. Edge-speed knife tumor radiotherapy is that tumor radiotherapy is a local treatment method that uses radiation to treat tumors. The EDGE tumor noninvasive radiosurgery treatment system is the cancer treatment system approved by the US FDA in 2014. It is by far the most effective tumor radiosurgery system. It is difficult to perform routine surgery for tumors such as head tumors, lung cancer, and spinal tumor , Liver cancer and other solid tumors have treatment effects that are difficult to achieve with conventional surgery and radiotherapy equipment, and are the best choice for cancer patients to remove tumor lesions so far.

Radiation includes α, β, and γ rays produced by radioisotopes and x-rays, electron rays, proton beams, and other particle beams generated by various x-ray therapy machines or accelerators. About 70% of cancer patients need to use radiation therapy in the process of treating cancer, and about 40% of cancers can be cured by radiotherapy. Radiation therapy has become increasingly prominent in the role and status of cancer therapy, and has become one of the main means of treating malignant tumors.

However, any treatment method has certain side effects, so the patient must make pre-operative preparations and post-operative care, choose as much as possible under the advice of the doctor, and the doctor will make a perfect operation according to the actual situation of the patient The plan, the most important thing is to ensure a relaxed and happy mood state, which is conducive to controlling the spread of cancer cells.

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