Matters needing attention in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum

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Condyloma acuminatum

What should I pay attention to during the treatment of genital warts? Condyloma acuminatum is a relatively serious sexually transmitted disease. The lesions mainly occur in the genitals or perianal area and their incidence is relatively high. If the treatment is not timely, it will not only cause the patient to suffer more pain, but also May be transmitted to family members. There are a lot of matters needing attention in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, so what should be paid attention to in the treatment of condyloma acuminatum?

1. Resolutely prevent sexual disorder: 60% of patients with condyloma acuminatum are infected through sexual contact. One of the family members gets sick from society and infects the spouse through sexual life, and may pass it on to other people in the family through close life contact, which not only brings physical pain, but also causes family discord and bears mental pressure. Therefore, to improve sexual ethics and avoid extramarital sex are important aspects of preventing condyloma acuminatum.

2. Prevent contact infection: do not use underwear, swimwear and bathtubs in other places; do not wash basins in public baths, promote showers, do not sit directly on the seats in the baths after bathing; try to use squat toilets in public toilets; go to the toilet Wash your hands with soap before; do not swim in the swimming pool with high density and strict disinfection.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene: wash the vulva daily, change the underwear, and wash the underwear separately. Even among family members, one person and one basin should be used, and towels should be used separately.

4. Sexual life is prohibited after the spouse is sick: If the spouse only received physical therapy, although the condyloma acuminatum disappeared in the vulva, the patient still has human papillomavirus and should receive comprehensive treatment with oral medicine and external washing medicine , Review after treatment. During this period, if you have sex, you can use a condom for protection.

Warm reminder: There are many ways to treat condyloma acuminatum, but it should be noted that for different condyloma patients, they should be treated according to their own actual conditions and symptomatic. Patient intensive care.

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