How to treat female genital warts with the laser?

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Condyloma acuminatum disease is a very contagious disease, and the common site of this disease is around the genitals, and this part is often more fragile, which increases the damage of the disease to patients. In order to better promote the recovery of this disease, we need to understand this disease. Now let’s take a look at how laser treatment of female genital warts?

According to reports, many patients with genital warts are very popular with laser treatment methods. However, there are many opinions on whether the treatment effect is good or not, and the majority of patients also have a relatively high degree of attention to it. The majority of patients with genital warts are eager to be cured, so how about laser treatment of female genital warts? Next, let’s see what the authoritative experts say.

How about laser treatment of genital warts? Experts say: laser treatment is usually used to treat condyloma acuminatum with CO2 laser and cauterization. This treatment is suitable for genital warts on the vulva, penis or perianal. Laser treatment of female genital warts is feasible for single or small number of multiple genital warts. It is possible to treat multiple or large areas of genital warts with 2-3 treatments. The interval is generally one week.

In clinical treatment of genital warts, many people choose to use laser treatment. Many patients think that laser treatment of genital warts can be completely cured. In fact, this idea is wrong. Laser treatment of female genital warts, for patients with small lesions, the use of laser treatment is indeed good. But for patients with large warts, although the superficial symptoms can be removed, the recurrence rate is very high.

Experts pointed out that although laser treatment of genital warts has a high treatment rate, but the side effects are large, laser treatment of female genital warts, local redness, pain, burning sensation and ulcer formation after treatment, such as large lesions, or too many lesions, need to be treated in stages The treatment takes a long time and the recurrence rate is high. Laser treatment of female genital warts. When the laser burns the wart body, the wart body part. Due to the high temperature, the steam of virus particles is scattered around the surgical field and sowed. Laser treatment of female genital warts can cause subclinical infections. This therapy requires certain conditions and operation techniques. Improper operation and insufficient treatment depth are all causes of relapse.

Expert advice: The majority of patients should pay attention to the treatment of condyloma acuminatum and choose the scientific treatment method is the best choice, otherwise the wrong treatment will lead to very serious consequences. Laser treatment of female genital warts, of course, good effect and timely treatment is also very important, good treatment effect also benefits from the timely and effective treatment of patients, I hope the majority of patients always pay attention.

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