Liver cancer breakthrough – Vitamin C preferentially kills liver cancer stem cell

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At the end of 2015, science research claimed that high doses of vitamin C (about the equivalent of 300 oranges) can effectively kill colon cancer cells that carry a common carcinogenic mutation (KRAS and BRAF).

In March 2017, “Cancer Cell” magazine confirmed that it is safe to regularly inject 800-1000 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin C in patients with brain and lung cancer, and it can change iron metabolism and cause specific DNA damage in cancer cells. Cause cell death and achieve effective treatment of cancer.

In August of the same year, it was demonstrated in the journals “Cell” and “Nature” that vitamin C can control the occurrence of hematological tumors and reverse leukemia by activating the activity of an epigenetic modification enzyme (TET2).

At the beginning of 2018, in the “Npj-Precision Medical Oncology” sub-journal of Nature, the research team of Academician Wang Hongyang from the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of the Naval Military Medical University brought exciting research progress- vitamin C “priority” killing Cancer stem cells of liver cancer and improve the prognosis of patients .

However, only the high dose of vitamin C in the blood obtained through “intravenous administration” has been researched and confirmed to have an anti-cancer effect, and it is not achieved by “eating” oranges or vitamin C tablets. When we get too much vitamin C from the diet, the body will excrete excess vitamin C through the urine. Seeing this, did you silently put down the orange that was hard to put in your mouth? So please don’t blindly add vitamin C, because it is useless and wastes money.

Although research has confirmed that injecting vitamin C can help fight liver cancer tumors, do not blindly supplement vitamin C, do not need to eat too many fruits rich in vitamin C, and do n’t use the results of the above research stage as a basis, Note: “Vitamin C should listen to the clinician’s advice.

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