How important is cervical cancer screening in women during pregnancy?

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1. The importance of cervical cancer screening in women during pregnancy

Juvenile laryngeal papilloma is more common in children and adolescents, mainly pregnant women with low-risk HPV infection in the reproductive tract during pregnancy, which is caused by mother-to-child transmission to infants during delivery through the birth canal, mainly HPV infections type 6 and 11. Children with juvenile laryngeal papilloma may have no clinical symptoms in the early stage. As the laryngeal papilloma increases, respiratory symptoms appear. If the lesion is extensive, it may cause severe breathing difficulties and death. Screening of cervical cancer in pregnant women to prevent HPV infection can effectively prevent the virus from being transmitted to babies through childbirth. The birth of a healthy baby will undoubtedly contribute to individuals, families and society.

2. Methods of screening for cervical cancer in women during pregnancy. Routine high-risk HPV typing and liquid-based cytology tests are performed on women before pregnancy.

If the test result is positive, colposcopy is recommended. Colposcopy found a suspicious lesion and gave a cervical biopsy. If cervical cancer or precancerous lesions are found, wait for the cervical lesions to heal before considering fertility.

3. HPV infection in pregnant women. Pregnant women detect low-risk HPV infections in the reproductive tract before and after pregnancy, especially HPV types 6 and 11. The pregnant woman should be delivered by caesarean section to minimize the incidence of juvenile laryngeal papilloma.

Cervical cancer screening for pregnant women or women of appropriate age is particularly important, because this group of people bears the happiness of two or even three generations. Since the birth of a healthy baby, since human intervention can be used for disease prevention, medicine has developed so progressively. Medical technology can benefit people and prevent diseases before they happen. So, dear female compatriots, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join the cervical cancer screening team.


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