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Lu Daopei Hospital, Beijing, China

  • ESTD:2001
  • No. of beds300
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About Hospital

Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital, situated in the Beijing economic and technological development area, spans a substantial 27,000 square meters with 300 beds and 36 air laminar flow rooms. Renowned as a leading Chinese hospital, it specializes in blood and tumor diseases, boasting internationally advanced pathology and specialty hematology labs.

Lu Daopei Hospital Beijing, China main hospital building

With departments dedicated to bone marrow transplantation, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, general hematology, and pathology, the hospital maintains a stringent organizational structure and comprehensive regulations. Prioritizing operational integrity and patient care, each department prioritizes skills training.

The hospital’s initial investment of 200 million RMB facilitated the acquisition of cutting-edge medical and laboratory equipment, ensuring adherence to international standards, while its unique design and decor further elevated its stature. With more than 1000 CAR T Cell therapies already done, this hospital is considered as one of the best hospitals in China for CAR T Cell therapy treatment.

Team and Specialities

Lu Daopei Hospital consists of many departments, like the departments of bone marrow transplantation, lymphoma, and myeloma, general hematology and pathology, and a specialty hematology lab. Strict organizational structure, rules, and regulations specifications. In order to ensure normal hospital operation and give patients high level treatment, each department actively develops skills training.



Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital is located in the Beijing economic and technological development area. It has a building area of 27,000 square meters, 300 beds, and 36 air laminar flow rooms. Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital is a Chinese leading hospital that specializes in blood disease and tumor disease. The pathology and specialty hematology labs are at an international, advanced level as well.


Lu Daopei Hospital Beijing, China waiting area

Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital stands in a high starting position. The strict organizational structure and high value of the hardware facilities will absolutely serve patients with international medical treatment standards in the future.


Lu Daopei Hospital OPD enterance



If you want to come to the hospital by yourself, taking a taxi from the airport is the best option. The capital airport terminal has a taxi service station. Normally, you have to line up. The queue is a little bit long, but it’s moving very fast, which takes approximately five to ten minutes.

After your trip starts, the driver will open the meter timer, and the starting price of a taxi near the capital airport is usually 13 RMB Taking a taxi from the airport to our hospital costs about 150 RMB. We recommend choosing the second expressway of the airport to transfer to the fifth ring-road, which is closer and smoother.

Hospital Address

Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital

22 Tongji South Rd, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daxing District, Beijing, China


Lu Daopei Hospital Beijing Reception Area

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