Follow up care for liver cancer patients

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The end of active treatment does not mean the end of care for liver cancer patients. Follow-up care includes continuing to regularly check the physical condition of the liver cancer patient to ensure that the cancer has not recurred, manage the side effects of the treatment, and monitor the patient’s overall health at any time. One of the most important goals of follow-up care is to check for recurrence. But a small percentage of cancer cells are likely to survive in the body but are difficult to find.

During follow-up care, the doctor may ask specific questions about the patient’s health. Some patients may require blood tests or imaging tests, depending on several factors, including the type of cancer and stage of the disease, and the type of treatment given.

During follow-up care, it can put pressure on liver cancer patients or family members. Most liver cancer patients may have long-term side effects, which may have a certain impact on the body and mood of liver cancer patients. Depending on the type of cancer, individual treatment plan and overall health status, patients and their families should communicate with doctors about the risks of such side effects, and it is extremely important to develop an appropriate survival care plan after the treatment is completed.

Nursing personnel play an important role in caring for patients with liver cancer. Nursing personnel’s responsibilities include: providing spiritual support and encouragement to patients; coordinating medical appointments, handling insurance and payment issues; assisting with meals, medication, and assistance Do housework, etc. Consult a doctor about possible side effects, including: what are the most likely side effects, what can be done to prevent or relieve the patient’s symptoms, etc.

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