Dr. Hwang Dae-wook Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery

Consultant - Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery , Experience:

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About Doctor

Dr. Hwang Dae-wook is among the top hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Hwang Dae-wook education
  • Doctor of Medicine : Seoul National University
  • Master of Medicine : Seoul National University
  • Bachelor of Medicine : Seoul National University
Dr. Hwang Dae-wook major professional experiences
  • Assistant Professor in HepatoBiliaryPancreatic Surgery, UUCM AMC
  • Assistant Professor in HepatoBiliaryPancreatic Surgery, SNUB
  • Assistant Professor in HepatoBiliaryPancreatic Surgery, SNU
  • Clinical fellowship in HepatoBiliaryPancreatic Surgery, SNU


Asan Medical Centre, Seoul, South Korea


  • Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery

Procedures Performed

Research & Publications

Clinical Outcomes of Conversion Surgery after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Borderline Resectable and Locally Advanced Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer: A Single-Center, Retrospective Analysis.
Prediction of Recurrence With KRAS Mutational Burden Using Ultrasensitive Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction of Radial Resection Margin of Resected Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Prognostic Comparison of the Longitudinal Margin Status in Distal Bile Duct Cancer: R0 on First Bile Duct Resection vs. R0 after Additional Resection.
Prognostic Value of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Following Pancreaticoduodenectomy in Elderly Patients With Pancreatic Cancer.
The feasibility of robotic left-side hepatectomy with comparison of laparoscopic and open approach: Consecutive series of single surgeon.
Validation and Verification of Three-dimensional Systems in Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy.
Assessment of Liver Function Using Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Gd-EOB-DTPA: Experimental Study in Rat Hepatectomy Model.
Carbonic anhydrase 9 expression in well-differentiated pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms might be associated with aggressive behavior and poor survival.
Chronologic changes in clinical and survival features of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma since 2000: A single-center experience with 2,029 patients.
Clinicopathologic Characteristics and Optimal Surgical Treatment of Duodenal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor.
Grading by the Ki-67 Labeling Index of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Specimens of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Can Be Underestimated.
High-grade precursor lesions can be used as surrogate markers to identify the epicenter of periampullary carcinomas.
Impact of preoperative management in patients older than 80 years requiring cholecystectomy
Pancreatectomy for a secondary metastasis to the pancreas: A single-institution experience
Robot resection of a choledochal cyst with Roux-en-y hepaticojejunostomy in adults: Initial experiences with 22 cases and a comparison with laparoscopic approaches
Significance of microcystic, elongated, and fragmented glandular-like features in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas.
The survival impact of surgical waiting time in patients with resectable pancreatic head cancer.
The treatment indication and optimal management of fluid collection after laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy.
Transduodenal ampullectomy for ampullary tumors – single center experience of consecutive 26 patients
Validation of the eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system for ampulla of Vater cancer.

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