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Proton therapy in nasopharyngeal cancer

Experts from CancerFax can assist patients in directly consulting with experts in major proton centers to determine the suitability of patients for proton therapy. At the same time, they can assist patients in assessing their cond..

Proton successfully treats pediatric patients with rhabdomyosarcoma

In September 2015, a child patient with rhabdomyosarcoma in Guangdong, China successfully completed proton radiotherapy at the Proton Center of the Eastern Hospital of the National Cancer Center in Japan.The family members of the ..

Proton therapy in pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancerPancreatic cancer, also known as the king of cancer, is one of the common malignant tumors of the digestive system. In recent years, both developed and developing countries, the incidence and mortality of pancrea..

Proton therapy is the best option for lung cancer patients

Lung cancer and proton therapyThe lungs are adjacent to some of the most sensitive and important organs and tissues, including the heart, esophagus, and spinal cord. Only about 20% of lung tumors can be treated by surgery; other ..

Proton therapy eliminates 70% of liver cancer tumors – A Korean study

Researchers at Samsung Medical Center in South Korea published a study showing that proton therapy is an effective and safe method of treating liver cancer. Proton therapy is a high-end radiotherapy method that uses proton rays i..

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Proton therapy in liver cancer

Liver cancerIn the past two decades, the number of deaths caused by liver cancer has increased by 80%, becoming one of the fastest growing causes of cancer deaths worldwide.Liver cancer mortality ranks second in the world for canc..

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Proton therapy for a ten-year-old girl with astrocytoma

Proton therapy in astrocytma was tried in 2012 for the first time.In 2012, Annabelle was diagnosed with fibroblastic astrocytoma, a brain tumor. Surgery removed most of the tumor but unfortunately the tumor relapsed in 2014.He re..


What is better for medulloblastoma – Traditional radiotherapy or proton therapy?

Myeloblastoma is one of the most common childhood tumors. Among children under 10 years of age, the incidence rate is about 20% to 30% of all tumors. The peak age of onset is 5 years, and men are slightly more than women. The tum..

High cure rate for cervical cancer after proton therapy

Data has proved that there is high cure rate for cervical cancer proton therapy. In daily life, I hear that cervical erosion will become cancerous when it is severe. In fact, not all of them will become cancerous. It can only be s..

Preventing recurrence of lung cancer

  Preventing recurrence of lung cancer, preventing recurrence after lung cancer surgery, how to prevent recurrence of lung cancer, how to prevent recurrence of lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related..

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