Proton therapy for a ten-year-old girl with astrocytoma

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Proton therapy in astrocytma was tried in 2012 for the first time.

In 2012, Annabelle was diagnosed with fibroblastic astrocytoma, a brain tumor. Surgery removed most of the tumor but unfortunately the tumor relapsed in 2014.

He received proton beam therapy in 2015 in Annabelle Higgins, Oklahoma.
Surgery was performed again in 2015. However, some tumors had grown to the brainstem, so Annabelle was suggested to go to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLH) radiation therapy team for proton therapy. The choice of proton beam therapy is discussed, and it is considered the best treatment because proton beam therapy can reduce the long-term side effects caused by radiotherapy.


After a few months, preparatory preparations for Annabelle’s Oklahoma Proton Therapy were completed as part of the National Health Service’s (NHS) overseas program. In late June 2015, Annabelle and her parents flew to Oklahoma and started proton therapy after a short break. During Annabelle’s treatment, her family felt very attentive.

Her father, Stephen, said: “Annabelle did not experience any side effects caused by proton therapy. She just lost some hair and looked more tired than usual.”

During the treatment, local organizations arranged special events for Annabelle and her family. These events make full use of Annabelle’s talents for skating, music and dancing. Stephen explained: “We went to the local ice rink and a coach instructed her to skate, and then they found that Annabelle’s birthday was approaching and held a birthday party for her in advance.”

After that, the Annabelle family participated in the annual skating competition held at this ice rink; Annabelle appeared on the cover of this program list, sang the American National Anthem, and the entire performance was recorded and recorded! The Annabelle family and her coach also toured local universities and visited cancer charities. Stephen said, “Where Annabelle is very happy, this is an excellent experience.”

Although the family had a wonderful time, Stephen said that it did make people “somewhat worried and anxious” coming here, and he thought it would be more convenient if London had this kind of proton beam treatment. “Some people in Oklahoma, we are far away from friends and family. If the proton beam therapy can land in London, we don’t have to fly so far, there is no jet lag and family and friends are around.”

Annabelle recovered very well after treatment. She returned to school, returned to the ice rink, and participated in a show at Christmas. Annabelle is also a member of the school’s paddleless basketball team, and she enjoys a fulfilling life every day.


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