Benefits of Ramucirumab for patients with high AFP liver cancer

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Liver cancer

Liver cancer is a typical vascular-rich tumor, and tumor blood vessels play a very important role in the development of liver cancer. Therefore, the current targeted therapy of liver cancer is carried out around anti-angiogenesis. Anti-angiogenesis therapy is a very important strategy in the clinical practice of liver cancer.


The REACH-2 trial is carried out on the basis of the REACH trial. The Chinese American scholar Professor Andrew X. Zhu of the Massachusetts Hospital affiliated to Harvard University in the United States serves as the global PI. For the liver cancer patients who failed to treat Sorafenib, the comparison Ramucirumab differed from placebo in the efficacy of second-line treatment, but the trial did not achieve the expected results. But its subgroup analysis shows that patients with AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) over 400 ng / ml can benefit from Ramucirumab treatment. Therefore, Professor Zhu led the REACH-2 trial and found that Ramucirumab benefits patients both in overall survival and progression-free survival time compared with placebo. This test has epoch-making significance, and it further proves that in the second-line treatment of liver cancer, anti-angiogenesis treatment with macromolecular monoclonal antibodies can achieve clinically meaningful survival benefits.

At present, oxaliplatin has been approved as a standard treatment plan in both domestic and European countries. For small-molecule targeted drugs, sorafenib and lenvatinib can be used for first-line therapy, and regorafenib and carbotinib are used for second-line therapy. For large-molecule drugs, Nivolumab and Ramucirumab are both Choose drugs.

In addition, many liver cancer patients have hepatitis, and the same patient, the same organ at the same time, there are two completely different diseases. One type is basic liver disease, including hepatitis, whether it is viral hepatitis, or alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, cirrhosis, there may be abnormal liver function and other complications. The second category is highly advanced liver cancer. These two diseases affect each other and form a vicious circle. Therefore, it is necessary to give due consideration to the diagnosis and treatment process, to prevent the loss of each other. In recent years, it has been advocated that antiviral treatment and liver protection treatment be carried out simultaneously. This is another progress made in the treatment of liver cancer.

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