Avoid these things to avoid cervical cancer

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, the age of people’s sexual organ development also continues to decrease. More and more people have sex life at a young age. This will lead to women’s problem of incomplete access to sexual knowledge. In the past, it would be troubled by gynecological diseases, and gynecological diseases would be transformed into cervical cancer, endangering women’s health, so only doing good daily care can avoid the threat of cervical cancer.


Causes of cervical cancer

1. Family genetic factors

Many people may not know that cervical cancer is actually related to family genetics. When a woman is pregnant and giving birth to a child, if she does not pay attention to the normal life and health, and is stimulated by some physical or chemical factors in her daily life for a long time, the germ cells will deform abnormally in the uterus. If the child is a girl, she will also suffer from cervical cancer.

2. Reasons for husband and wife’s life

Although cervical cancer is a tumor, it is also a gynecological disease and naturally has a certain relationship with men. If couples do not pay attention to hygiene in their lives and have sex before the age of 18, if they become pregnant before the age of 23 or have too many births, cervical cancer will be induced. Moreover, too frequent acts between husband and wife, as well as life disorders, can cause women to develop cervical cancer. In addition, the cervix is ​​torn and infected after cervical surgery, which can also cause cervical cancer.

3. Unsanitary male reproductive organs

Some experts said that the male foreskin is too long, it will also increase the incidence of cervical cancer in women.

How to prevent cervical cancer?

1. Promote late marriage and childbirth

It is best to have a high-quality pregnancy without excessive abortion. Try not to have any miscarriage before the age of 27. Delaying the earliest age of sexual intercourse can reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.

2. Pay attention to the personal hygiene of women and the health status of menstruation and sexual affairs

There is a controlled number of sexual activities every month. Try not to act during the menstrual period and pregnancy. Even if you do, you should pay attention to whether the reproductive organs of both sides are hygienic. It is best to wear a condom and refuse to have multiple sexual partners at the same time.

3. If the man’s foreskin is too long, be sure to pay attention to local hygiene cleaning

It can be fixed on time for a few days every month with drugs. It is best to do circumcision. This can not only reduce the chance of cervical cancer in women, but also prevent some male diseases.

Through the above introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of the causes and prevention methods of cervical cancer. If you want to completely eliminate the trouble of cervical cancer, you must pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of private parts, especially during menstruation and after the sexual life process. It is recommended to use special lotion to clean private parts, the cleaning effect will be more ideal.

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