Wrong understanding of lymphoma will bring irreparable loss of life

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Lymph is distributed throughout the body and is intricate. Generally speaking, the first thing people think of is the neck. In fact, there are both underarms and groin. The appearance of lymph nodes should not be considered to be cancer. In fact, if it is controlled early, there is no danger. Yes, people do n’t know much about lymphoma, so there are a lot of misunderstandings, recognize them early, and do not delay treatment.

What are the misunderstandings of lymphoma?

1. Lymphadenopathy is lymphoma

When inflammation occurs in a certain part of the body, it may cause lymphadenopathy. For example, inflammation of the tonsils and inflammation of the mouth will cause lymphadenopathy. Under normal circumstances, inflammation of the neck lymph nodes is swollen, as long as the rational use of anti-inflammatory drugs will become smaller until it subsides; but lymphoma is different, even if you take anti-inflammatory drugs, although the lumps can become smaller, but It will relapse and become bigger and bigger.

2. Lymph nodes are not painful and itchy

Lymphatic cancer does not have any pain at the beginning of the onset, but the lymph nodes will always be swollen and often ignored by patients because the lymph nodes do not need to be controlled if they are not painful or itchy, which delays the optimal treatment time.

3. The plaster can detoxify and reduce swelling

When there is lymphoma in the neck, many blind patients will go to the small clinic to use traditional Chinese medicine ointment to reduce swelling. Although the mass can be temporarily reduced, the long-term use of the ointment will make the skin ulcerate and pus, which increases the treatment. Difficulty.

4. A biopsy will cause the tumor to spread

Lymph node biopsy is the most important method for the diagnosis of lymphoma. Some people think that the puncture will lead to the spread of cancer. In fact, it is not true. For highly suspected malignant lymph nodes, biopsy must be performed to diagnose. The trauma caused by the biopsy is very small, only a small amount of blood will flow out, and it will not cause the tumor to spread.

5. Surgical removal will be fine

Lymphoma is special and different from other solid tumors, because lymphoma is a systemic disease. Although the local tumor can be removed by surgery, it cannot be completely cured. The treatment of lymphoma It is necessary to adopt a systemic comprehensive treatment to completely kill the cancer cells.

Surgery just cuts away the areas with cancer cells. If the cells are not developed, they will still recur. The current cellular immunotherapy is to make up for this, from the body to fight cancer cells and viruses and other foreign immunity Cell patients are removed from the blood, cultivated in the laboratory to increase the number, and after being reintroduced into the body, the patient’s immune power is restored again, and the treatment method of attacking the tumor is now. It can also be killed or injured. Cancer immune cell therapy uses the patient’s own immune cells to attack cancer cells, not normal cells, and no side effects.

It ‘s better to pay more attention in life. No one wants cancer to appear on themselves and their family members, so they must understand all kinds of knowledge of lymphoma as early as possible. The more you know, the more attention you will pay, and the more comprehensive prevention will be.

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