Why do young people have a high incidence of lymphoma?

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People have very little knowledge of lymph. The neck, groin, and armpits are all lymph. If there is a problem with the lymphatic system, the body’s toxins will be stored in the body in large quantities, and lymphoma will soon appear. According to statistics, lymphoma is the most difficult to treat of all tumors. Lymphoma determines the level of immunity of the body. Knowing the cause of lymphoma early, you can always pay attention to changes in the body and keep the lymphatic system functioning normally.

Why is the incidence of lymphoma high among young people?

The lymphatic system is a very important immune tissue of the human body. The immune system in the young and middle-aged period is in the process of development and needs to constantly adapt to changes in the outside world, so it is easy to produce malignant changes. In addition, young people’s high life pressure, psychological pressure, increased work pressure, irregular life and excessive fatigue are all causes of lymphoma.

The rapid rise in the incidence of lymphoma may be related to the following six factors:

1. Viral infection

A person’s chronic infection, such as EB virus infection of the upper respiratory tract, as well as EBV virus, human T lymphocyte type I virus, human herpes virus type 8 and so on, may be related to the occurrence of lymphoma.

2. Home renovation

With the improvement of living standards, many families advocate luxurious decoration, and many chemical substances are released from the decorative materials used. The spread of these substances is related to the diseases of the lymphatic blood system.

3. Hair dye

The use of hair dyes and the like is also related to the incidence of lymphoma.

4. Radiation

People who have been exposed to electromagnetic radiation and mobile phone radiation for a long time may also have a certain relationship with lymphoma.

5. Bad eating habits

Such as heavy taste, favorite seafood products, pickled and smoked products, it is easy to cause bacterial infection of H. pylori, and it is also related to the occurrence of gastric lymphoma.

6. Highly nervous

Often in a high-stress life rhythm and work pressure, often staying up late, irregular life and rest, etc., leading to a decline in the body’s immunity, but also an internal cause of lymphoid tumors. In addition, atmospheric pollution, industrial exhaust gas, and automobile exhaust may all cause tumors, including lymphoma.

Can lymphoma be cured?

Since the 1930s, the therapeutic effect of lymphoma has gradually improved. Advances in medical research have made lymphoma out of terminal illness. Proton therapy is also very effective in treating lymphoma, mainly because the energy generated directly kills cancer cells and does not cause damage to good cells. Combined with standard treatment methods The survival rate is very high. According to different tumor cells, lymphomas are divided into non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma occurs in young adults and has a relatively low malignancy, and the treatment effect is good. In particular, more than 80% of early Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be cured. Chikin lymphoma is classified as a curable tumor. Even for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma, the long-term survival rate can reach more than 50%.

Although lymphoma is out of the scope of terminal illness, the harm to people has not been reduced, and life is unknown at any time. Only when the cause of lymphoma is clearly known, can preventive measures be taken in peacetime, and it is easy to reduce the incidence of lymphoma There is much more, so you must pay special attention to your own lymphatic system. Conditionally, you can do some lymphatic detoxification to help the body expel toxins.

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