U.S. cancer genetic testing successfully treats soft tissue sarcoma

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On July 10, 2015, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced that the largest precision medicine clinical trial in history has begun to recruit patients. This experiment will recruit 1,000 cancer patients and will study more than 20 targeted drugs at the same time. (Including drugs that have been marketed and are still in clinical research) The efficacy of people with cancer gene mutations or overexpression. This will further consolidate and improve the US’s leading position in cancer gene research, detection and cancer targeted therapy. 

The United States is the country with the most developed cancer genetic testing and targeted therapy, with the most advanced genetic testing companies and technologies, the world’s leading cancer treatment centers and experts, and anti-cancer targeted drugs developed. Cancer patients will help about 82% of patients find targeted treatment drugs or clinical trial drugs through cancer full-gene testing (not part of the domestic genetic testing) and big data analysis.

Current medical history:

The patient was 55 years old and female. The clinical manifestation was a mass on the left chest wall, the largest at more than 6 cm. Tumor tissue biopsy sampling, pathological examination results: spindle cell proliferation, initial diagnosis of malignant spindle cell tumor grade 2 (Figure 1, A and B). Immunohistochemistry results were positive for S-100 and CD34 (Figure 1, C and D). In the high power field of vision, each field of vision can see 6/10 mitotic phase, but no necrosis. According to the FNCLCC guidelines for the histopathological grade of soft tissue sarcoma, this case is difficult to diagnose tumor should be intermediate.

The patient initially used 75 mg / m2 Adriamycin (Adriamycin®) andClinical trials: patients participated in bevacizumab, temsirolimusVEGFR 1/2/3, PDGFRB, RAF and other signaling pathways, and can inhibit the activity of 

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