T Cell and NK Cell therapy in India

T-Cell & NK Cell therapy is now available in India for treatment of blood disorders. Severe late stage hematological malignancies like leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphocyte leukemia, neuroblastoma, sarcomas and brain tumors can be effectively treated with T Cell and NK cell  therapy. In this therapy body’s own cell are extracted and re engineered in the laboratory and re-infused again to the patient. These modified cells are able to fight the tumor cells and eventually kill them. This results in better quality of life for the patient.

What is activated T-Cell therapy ?

Activated T Cell therapy – T cells are isolated & expanded from peripheral blood. The T cells are then re-engineered in our laboratory to produce genetically engineered chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) on their surface, which allow the T cells to recognize an antigen on targeted tumor cells. These genetically modified T cells are grown in our facility for its ‘expansion’ until hundreds of millions of the modified T cells are available. Through an intravenous infusion, patients receive these T cells, which possess the ability to attack and kill the cancerous cells. These cells may remain in the body long post infusion and may continue to guard against cancer recurrence. There is generally little or no risk of toxicity as the active ingredient is patient’s own white blood cells.

NK Cell therapy in India

Adoptive T-Cell therapy

Adoptive T-cell therapy strategies have largely focused on the infusion of tumor antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells (CTL) which can directly kill tumor cells.

Novel methods for the isolation and ex-vivo enrichment and expansion of tumor-specific T cells from tumor biopsy samples. The tumor-specific T cells are then infused in to cancer patients with a goal to give their immune system the ability to overwhelm remaining tumors via T cells which can attack and kill cancer.

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NK Cell therapy in India

NK CELL THERAPY – Natural Killer (NK) cells are cells of lymphoid origin that play key roles in eliminating host viral infections as well as the development of tumor cells. NK cells are especially important because cancer cells with missing MHC I markers can be detected and destroyed by NK cells.

Our activated and engineered Natural Killer (NK) platform has the ability to destroy cancer and virally infected cells from the body. Using our proprietary manufacturing and distribution processes, NK cells are grown uniquely that selectively target and kill the diseased cells.

Benefits of T-Cell and NK cell therapy

  • NK Cell therapy in pediatric cancers is very promising and has shown very promising results.
  • Increased survival rates
  • Reduced graft vs host disease.
  • Increase in overall quality of life of the patient.

Natural Killer Cell therapy CAR NK Cell therapy

What is the cost of T-Cell and NK Cell therapy in India ?

Total cost of T Cell and NK Cell therapy in India depends upon case to case and patient to patient. For details on pricing and complete treatment package please write to cancerfax@gmail.com or call +91 96 1588 1588.

Where is T-Cell and NK Cell therapy is available in India ?

T Cell and NK Cell therapy is available in some of the leading centres in India performed by some of the leading hemato oncologists. For details please write to cancerfax@gmail.com or WhatsApp +91 96 1588 1588.

Video on CAR NK Cell therapy

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