Six habits that can reduce the chances of liver cancer

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Six habits to reduce chances of liver cancer

Drink coffee

Research shows that coffee helps to slow down or prevent the occurrence of liver cancer. Coffee helps prevent liver fibrosis. Drinking 1-4 cups of coffee a day can slow down hepatitis C virus infection. Although hot coffee effectively reduces the chance of developing advanced liver disease, some people should avoid drinking coffee, such as people with high blood pressure or other medical conditions that are not suitable for drinking coffee. 

Avoid high-fat and high-sugar diets

Low-fat diets can usually make up for the lack of fat and other ingredients (such as sugar or high-fructose corn syrup). Excessive fat stored in liver cells is a feature of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Avoid processed foods, especially those containing high fructose corn syrup, which can bypass the normal mechanisms of suppressing hunger and controlling insulin levels. 

Try a Mediterranean diet

A healthy and balanced diet is good for the liver. The Mediterranean diet contains a lot of healthy fats, such as avocado, low carbs, and healthy protein, especially fish. Fats such as olive oil, walnuts, and avocado help the liver to maintain a good state, and maintain a healthy body weight by taking the right amount of calories. The benefits to the liver are considerable. Metabolic syndrome is highly related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

Eat more foods rich in antioxidants, the liver is a line of defense against the outside world. 

People can enhance defenses by eating foods rich in antioxidants (such as blueberries). Antioxidants from different foods may benefit the liver by replacing the natural antioxidants used by the liver to detoxify foods, chemicals and other substances that humans are exposed to. In addition, antioxidants also help reduce inflammation in different liver diseases. Some studies have also shown that antioxidants may increase liver enzyme activity. 

Limit alcohol intake

Even occasional binge drinking is harmful and can lead to fatty liver. Women and people with a family history of alcohol-related problems are at higher risk of liver disease. 


Although there is currently no official exercise recommendation for liver health, some data does indicate that more than 150 minutes of exercise per week is beneficial. If there is inflammation, adding more than 60 minutes of activity is beneficial to the liver.

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