Oral cancer detection kit which can detect cancer 6 years in advance

Oral Cancer Detection Kit Which Can Detect Cancer 6 Years In Advance
A revolutionary oral cancer detection kit promises to identify signs of cancer up to six years in advance. By analyzing saliva for specific biomarkers, this non-invasive test can detect early-stage oral cancer with high accuracy. This breakthrough technology allows for timely intervention and treatment, potentially saving lives and improving outcomes. Regular use of this kit could significantly improve early detection rates and reduce the impact of oral cancer on individuals' health.

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Oral cancer detection kit

First-of-its kind oral cancer diagnosis test kit, which includes a dual test. This very simple test will diagnose oral cancer at a precancerous stage, thus preventing cancer from even happening. Dr Zahra Hussaini of C Test Medicals Pvt Ltd.
Cancer undoubtedly is a deadly disease and scientists round the world is yet to find an answer to it. Cancer as we all know is uncontrolled growth of cells inside the body. Old cells do not grow instead they grow in an abnormal way. Presently we see huge developments in the field of cancer treatment and if detected early can actually cure cancer. Newer treatment strategies like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and cancer surgery have been in great use in order to tackle cancer and its effective management.

As per WHO, oral cancer is a major health problem worldwide. Its among the top 3 cancers that are prevalent. It is estimated that 1.7 million people will be affected by oral cancer by year 2035. Globally, one person dies every hour due to oral cancer. In India, oral cancer constitutes 12% of all cancer in men and 8% of all cancers in women. Every year, 3 lakh new cases of oral cancer is diagnosed in India.
In the latest development, Dr Zahra Hussaini from Nanavati hospital, Mumbai, who focused on oral cancer and its treatment, discovered something very new and unique. After 12 years of research and untiring work, she made world’s first swivel biopsy test for detection and prevention of cancer.

With her own designed kit, she can detect the cancer 6 years in advance. This means that no one will die of the deadly disease in the world, if awareness is spread about her discovery. She aims at reaching out to rural India, as 70% of total deaths occur there alone. To fulfill her dream of curing cancer, she launched her organization, C-TEST (Cancer Test), in presence of many Bollywood celebrities, including Javed Jaffrey. 

Advantages of C TEST KIT

  • Economical & uncomplicated test.
  • Easy to do & completely painless.
  • No anesthesia or suturing required.
  • Dual test will increase the accuracy.
  • Completely sterile with disposable tips.
  • Easy packaging for transportation of biopsy samples.
  • Reports can be obtained in 2 days.

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