Non-invasive treatment of sarcoma

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Precise radiotherapy is the most important method of cancer treatment. Precise radiotherapy techniques represented by rapid front knife, proton knife, heavy ion, etc., can perform radical surgery and auxiliary treatment for cancer patients. To understand the progress of radiotherapy, sarcoma is more common in young people, is a malignant tumor derived from mesenchymal tissue (including connective tissue and muscle). Sarcomas are highly malignant and develop rapidly! Common sarcomas include osteosarcoma, leiomyoma, lymphosarcoma, synovial sarcoma, etc.   
The preferred method of sarcoma is surgery. In order to seek a radical cure, domestic doctors usually require patients to have their limbs amputated. , Most patients are difficult to treat. Sarcoma is not sensitive to chemotherapy. Ordinary radiotherapy is also difficult to kill tumors, and leiomyoma, lymphosarcoma, and synovial sarcoma are prone to metastasis through the blood. Therefore, the treatment of sarcoma must be as soon as possible and as soon as possible.

The EDGE Radiosurgery system (EDGE radiosurgery tumor treatment system) was developed by the American Varian company and was approved by the US FDA on January 23, 2013. The EDGE blade is by far the most effective non-invasive tumor removal technology, using the unique FDA’s Calypso® GPS for the Body® system and surface beam monitoring system approved on July 21, 2014 with high-frequency real-time dynamics of up to 10 ms Monitor and lock the tumor “escape” during the treatment process, combined with the new generation IGRT and other image guidance technology, using the unique high-intensity HD-MLC collimator up to 2400MU / min to remove tumor tissue with sub-millimeter accuracy with almost no residue . 

The unique characteristics of EDGE speed knife, high-intensity radiation of up to 2400MU / min, can quickly break the DNA of tumor cells, and eventually cause the tumor cells to die, and the tumor is absorbed or scarred. The accuracy of the EDGE knife is as high as 0.1mm. 


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