New treatment for patients of a liver tumor with brain metastasis

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There are new developments for patients suffering from liver cancer with brain metastasis. The EDGE Radiosurgery system (EDGE radiosurgery system) was developed by the American Varian company and was approved by the US FDA on January 23, 2013. It is by far the most effective noninvasive tumor removal technology, which can dynamically monitor and lock the treatment in real time During the process, the tumor “escapes”, and the high-intensity, precise rays remove the tumor tissue almost without leaving a residue.

Speed blade system

The world’s first speed-blade system was settled in the United States of America Henry Ford Medical Group in September 2013, and in Italy Humanitas Research Hospital in February 2014. The Global Oncologist Network has successively signed cooperation agreements with these two hospitals for international cancer patients.

Advantages of speed blade

High strength and precision, completely remove tumor tissue, almost no residue

Almost no effect on surrounding normal tissues, important organs and autoimmune system

Track and lock “escape” tumor cells in real time and clear them

Improve patient compliance, treatment process is comfortable and painless

Treatment time is short, 8 to 20 minutes per day for a total of 1 to 5 days

Low cost: The cost of treatment in the United States is about 400,000, while that in Italy is only about 100,000.

Case Study

Patient male, 65 years old. In October 2014, the patient felt abdominal discomfort and headache. The examination and diagnosis results were (1) well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma, approximately 10 cm in size, with significant cirrhosis. (2) Brain metastases with a mass of about 3 cm in the left occipital lobe. (3) Type II diabetes requires insulin therapy. (4) Chronic kidney disease; (5) Moderate hypertension with a history of heart failure.
The patient is in the advanced stage of liver cancer, the liver cancer is huge and has brain metastases, and domestic medical institutions cannot perform surgical treatment. The Global Oncologist Network invited the international cancer expert team to conduct a remote consultation. The patient is scheduled to undergo EDGE non-invasive surgical treatment on November 10, 2014. He performed EDGE treatment on liver tumors and brain metastases, and treated them in the hospital for 8 days. Each tumor is treated once a day, each treatment time is about 10 minutes, liver tumors are treated 6 times, and brain tumors are treated 4 times. The patient had no discomfort during the operation and returned to the apartment to rest after each treatment. Six months later, the patient was in good health and his weight increased significantly. The imaging report showed that the huge tumor of the liver was completely cleared, and the brain tumor was almost completely eliminated without recurrence. The results of biochemical examination showed no abnormal liver function.




Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan, Italy is the flagship hospital of Humanitas Enterprise Group. It is a highly specialized hospital, research center and teaching center. It has been recognized by the National Health and Medical System and has the mission of providing outstanding and highly specialized diagnosis and treatment services to the majority of patients. Humanitas Hospital is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Europe, equipped with a generation of technology. It is currently one of the three hospitals in the world that can provide the most advanced stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT)-EDGE treatment.

The hospital has established a cancer center, a cardiovascular center, a neurological disease center and an orthopedic disease prevention and treatment center-in addition to an ophthalmology center and a reproductive medicine center.

According to the World Health Organization, Italy has ranked first in the world in medical standards for many years in a row and is the world leader in cancer treatment. Due to Italy’s perfect and superior medical security system, the cost of medical treatment is very low, and the cost of patients going to Italy for treatment with Sufeng knife is about RMB 100,000, which is only 1/4 of that in the United States. In addition, the Italian visa is simple and only takes twelve hours to arrive in Milan. Italy has a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, and friendly and enthusiastic people.

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