Magic electric field for treatment of brain tumor

Magic electric field for treatment of brain tumor, the Best treatment of brain tumor in the world. Cost of magic electric field therapy in the treatment of brain tumor patients. Cost of brain tumor treatment.

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There is recent developments on magic electric field for treatment of brain tumor.

Glioblastoma is a deadly disease called the “terminator” because this tumor grows very quickly and can affect anyone of any age, with a poor prognosis.

There is currently no cure for this tumor, and treatment is difficult because glioblastomas extend the antennae into the brain instead of forming a solid mass that a doctor can target and remove. So even if the surgical resection is clean, the average time to tumor recurrence is only 6.9 months, and the average survival time is only 14.6 months. During the treatment process, resistance to traditional treatment is prone to occur. What is more frightening is that this kind of Tumors have a curse that has a nearly 100% chance of recurrence.

Prelude to the Oncoming Devil-Slowly Tilt Your Body

61-year-old Scott Rider lives in Williamsport. He has retired and lives with his wife and his cousin, and has a lovely grandson.

One day, he was washing and found that his body seemed to keep leaning until he entered the sink very slowly …

He didn’t know what happened, but the next few days things became more and more wrong. He began to feel very tired, even if he didn’t do anything, and very tired.

The family was a little worried whether it would be Alzheimer’s disease. He accompanied him to the hospital for a systematic examination. After the diagnosis, the whole family was shocked. Rider got one of the most deadly brain tumors, glioblastoma, but The predicted life can only be calculated in months, not years.

In April 2017, with the support of his family, he underwent surgery. The doctor said that at present the lesions were cut clean, but the fatality of this brain tumor is that it will definitely recur, but sooner or later the problem, so still You need to receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy as soon as possible to kill the remaining cancer cells in the body to the greatest extent and delay the recurrence as much as possible.

“Magic” electric field-lift the magic of recurrence

During chemotherapy, Rider’s treating doctor said that the FDA has now approved a new treatment method, electric field therapy, also known as Optune, consisting of four electrode pads attached to the patient’s shaved scalp. It generates a low-intensity, low-frequency electric field that is transmitted by the transducer array to the location of the glioblastoma tumor.

Electric fields can destroy rapidly dividing cancer cells, especially gliomas, a type of tumor that divides rapidly.

Mr. Rider uses MRI to monitor brain tumors every other month. He said, “In the best case, it would shrink, but for me it didn’t grow anymore, it was very stable, which was very good.

Now, Rider believes that the electric field with “magic power” is lifting the recurring curse for him, and it is his life-saving “benefactor”.

He remembers that when he first diagnosed glioblastoma, doctors said he had only 18 to 24 months of life. However, it is now the 27th month after the operation, and there are no symptoms of recurrence, he said that he will always wear an electric field so that it can continue to work.

When Mr. Rider does not need work, he does some of his favorite sports, such as skiing and hockey. When he was at home, he also played with his lovely grandson. This is the magic of electric field therapy. It allows you to control the cancer cells in your body under the condition of a completely normal life. Cells and people around them have an adverse effect.

Mr. Rider hopes his success will give hope to others. “I have no way to defeat a deadly tumor like a malignant brain tumor, but I can live in a positive way.”

Electric field therapy-FDA-approved new treatment technology

Optune has been approved by the FDA and is covered by many insurances.


Electric field therapy is currently approved by the FDA for:

1. Treatment of adult patients with unresectable, locally advanced or metastatic mesothelioma (MPM), can be used with pemetrexed and platinum chemotherapy.

2. Adult patients (22 years or older) for histologically confirmed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

3. Combined temozolomide for the treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastoma in adult patients.

4. For recurrent gliomas after receiving chemotherapy, electric field therapy can be accepted alone.

The use of alternating low-intensity electric fields can destroy tumor cells and reduce damage to healthy tissues, which can effectively prevent side effects from affecting patients’ quality of life. Since 2000, the R & D team has been developing and expanding indications for electric field therapy. At present, researchers are conducting clinical trials on common solid tumors, including non-small cell lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer brain metastasis, pancreatic cancer has launched phase III clinical trials, ovarian cancer and mesothelioma have completed phase II clinical trials, will soon Entered Phase III trials, and liver cancer is undergoing Phase II trials. These cancers have achieved very exciting clinical data.

The tumor treatment electric field Optune is a brand new tumor treatment scheme. This is a treatment that uses a specific electric field frequency to interfere with cell division, inhibit tumor growth and cause cancer cells affected by the electric field to die. In vitro and in vivo studies have confirmed that tumor treatment electric fields can delay and reverse tumor growth by inhibiting mitosis of tumor cells.

Renowned brain tumor expert Dr. Roger Stupp once said:

“Twenty years ago, when I started treating glioblastoma, most patients died in less than a year, and there were almost no cases of long-term survival. Since tumor field treatment combined with temozolomide treatment, every 7 patients One of them survived more than 5 years. “

In addition, the effect of tumor electric field treatment is closely related to compliance. When patients wear more than 22 hours a day, the five-year survival rate can increase to 29.3%, which is almost 6 times the five-year overall survival rate of temozolomide alone! More importantly, this treatment method has almost no side effects caused by chemoradiation. The most common is the rash on the electrode pad contact area. This is unprecedented in the history of brain tumor treatment.

It is reported that Zaiding Pharmaceuticals is submitting an application for special approval of innovative medical devices to the State Drug Administration, and plans to submit an application for electric field therapy to be exempted from clinical trials. At the same time, it has completed a refinancing of US $ 200 million. Introduced Optune, a tumor electric field therapy, to start a new era of non-invasive tumor treatment! At present, you can go to Hong Kong through the Medical Department of Global Oncologist Network, and receive electric field treatment in Japan (400-666-7998)

I look forward to electric field therapy entering mainland China as soon as possible, and hope that this technology that brings huge survival benefits to cancer patients can enter medical insurance as soon as possible and bring the gospel to the majority of patients!






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