Liver cancer surgery and transplant by Dr. Selvakumar

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July 14, 2021: Check out interview of Dr. Selvakumar Naganathan – Clinical Lead – Liver transplantation and HPB surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Check out the video and also excerpts of the interview.


Question: What causes liver cancer?

Ans: People with liver cirrhosis have 100 times more chances of developing liver cancer. 90% of liver cancer is caused by liver cirrhosis. Factors that cause liver cirrhosis are A, B, C & D. A stand for alcohol, B stands Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Drugs. In children cancer known as hepatoblastoma is associated with genetic disorder and can also happen during pregnancy.

Question: How to prevent liver cirrhosis?

Answer: Avoid alcohol, seek immediate treatment for hepatitis B and C and avoid unwanted drugs and medications like immune boosters and body building medications. Stop eating junk and high calorie food. Burn out the calories by doing exercise and maintaining healthy life style.


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Question: How does a patient knows that he may be suffering from liver cancer?

Answer: Best is to consult a doctor and get proper diagnosis done. After age of 40 Yrs better to have a regular health checkup.

Question: What are the best treatment options available to the patients now?

Answer: Treatment of liver cancer depends upon type of liver cancer primary liver cancer and secondary liver cancer. For cancer that are originated in some other part of the body then treatment depends upon the site of origin of cancer. For cancer that originates in liver treatment can be liver surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy.


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Question: How effective is liver cancer surgery?

Answer: Now a days liver cancer surgery and liver transplants are 100% safe and there are literally no side effects.

Question: What are the side effects of liver surgery, liver resection and liver transplant?

Answer: Liver resection & transplant is a lifesaving surgery and there are only positive side effects.

Question: Would you like to tell something about cadaver transplant?

Answer: Cadaver is organ donation of brain-dead persons donated by relatives of the donor and its very effective now a days. Only problem is getting a cadaver sometimes is difficult and nobody knows when the cadaver will be available.

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