Japanese artificial intelligence system diagnoses colorectal cancer in 0.3 seconds

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Japanese researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that extends an endoscope with a magnification of 500 times into the patient ’s intestine. The artificial intelligence system can identify whether there is malignant change in the large intestine polyp in the endoscope within 0.3 seconds, according to real-time judgment results The doctor can decide whether to operate in real time.

Compared with the past, it takes a week to make a diagnosis, and now the system can immediately determine whether to remove it, which greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. During the development of this system, more than 60,000 tumor cell pictures were used to build a database. These pictures came from more than 3,000 patients with colorectal cancer diagnosed in 5 hospitals in Japan. By analyzing and deep learning the tumor images in the image database, the system has learned the automatic recognition function of cancer. Not only improve the diagnosis efficiency, but also improve the accuracy.

In Japan, colorectal cancer is the second most malignant tumor after death from lung cancer. Early detection is the key to improving the level of treatment. This artificial intelligence achievement in Japan can detect the presence of cancer in large intestine polyps in less than a second. At present, this artificial intelligence colorectal cancer diagnostic system has been clinically tested in 6 hospitals in Japan, and is expected to obtain the license from the relevant Japanese pharmaceutical regulatory authorities in 2018. 

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