Immunotherapy clears lesions in advanced colorectal cancer

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A meal “eats” colorectal cancer

In 2014, 65-year-old Mr. Yang and his wife traveled abroad. During the period, gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation symptoms occurred, but they didn’t pay much attention at that time, thinking that they were just not satisfied with the soil and water. After returning to China, the symptoms gradually eased.

On National Day in 2014, when his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson went home for the holiday, Mr. Yang suddenly had nausea and vomiting when he went to the restaurant to eat. Everyone quickly took him to a nearby large hospital for an examination. Immediately apply for hospitalization.

However, even greater bad news fell from the sky. Further examination showed that Mr. Yang had not appendicitis but colorectal cancer.

In November, Mr. Yang underwent laparoscopic resection of the right semicolon. Usually, the prognosis of colorectal cancer on the right side is much worse than that on the left side, but fortunately, Mr. Yang found it promptly and the operation was very smooth. The pathology shows that it is stage II, which is relatively early.

After the operation, Mr. Yang returned to normal life after a period of rest.

Chemotherapy is not effective, the genetic test is negative, is there any help for advanced colorectal cancer?

In May 2016, Mr. Yang clearly felt that he was always tired and fatigued. Sure enough, CT review showed nodules in the anastomosis of the previous operation. Further  examination confirmed the recurrence of colorectal cancer and the  metastasis of peritoneum and lymph nodes.

He immediately received the FOLFIRI ± cetuximab regimen, but the effect was not satisfactory. Under the advice of the doctor, he conducted a genetic test, and now there are many targeted and immunotherapy drugs on the market. If there is a mutation, it may still be There is a silver lining. However, the results were disappointing. The test found no meaningful mutations, and the microsatellite is stable, which means that immune checkpoint inhibitors that are regarded as life-saving straws by cancer patients cannot be used.

Dendritic cell vaccine removes all lesions

Just when the whole family was in despair, a friend in the medical circle recommended Mr. Yang to go to Japan to try dendritic cell vaccine treatment.

This is a dendritic cell vaccine that specifically identifies cancer cells in patients by extracting their own tumor cell antigens, because this is an advanced cell immunotherapy, has no side effects, and even cooperates with normal chemotherapy and targeted therapy Can also increase the effect.

I asked the attending doctor in China, and it was also recognized. The doctor said that although it is impossible to cure, Japan’s cell immunotherapy is indeed at the global leading level. If the economic conditions allow, you can try to achieve the purpose of prolonging survival and improving the quality of life.

In August 2016, Mr. Yang and his wife arrived in Japan.

Japanese doctors first conducted a comprehensive test of his immune function and found that the amount of T cells in the body is too low, that is, the body ’s strength to kill cancer cells is not enough. The amount of this will help chemotherapy and later dendritic vaccine treatment, while drawing blood to prepare dendritic cell vaccines.

Immediately after finishing his first reinfusion, Mr. Yang ’s most obvious feeling was that he felt full of energy in his body. He used to feel weak and weak, and the pain symptoms were alleviated. With appetite, he could eat some light food. food.

In October 2016, Mr. Yang began to join the treatment of dendritic cell vaccine once every two weeks.

In January 2017, the results of the PET examination surprised everyone, and the recurrent lesions disappeared.

In January 2018, Mr. Yang ’s re-examination results again showed complete remission, and the lesions in the body have been completely removed.

At present, Mr. Yang’s treatment plan is adjusted to return once every six months to prevent recurrence. So far, Mr. Yang is in good condition and has returned to normal life.

What is dendritic cell vaccine treatment?

After reading Mr. Yang’s case, I believe that many patients who are not effective for chemotherapy and whose genetic testing does not have targeted drugs see hope.

Dendritic cell vaccine is an ideal therapy. We all know that one of the reasons for the formation of cancer is that cancer cells hide very well. Dendritic cells cannot recognize cancer cells. Imagine that you can put your own cancer cells and dendrites. The cells are fused to form dendritic cells that carry specific antigens on the surface of various cancer cells. These dendritic cells have the ability to recognize tumor cells. When we put these cells back into the conductor, he will teach somatic cells to recognize different Cancer antigen cancer cells, one group to find a antigen, one group to find b antigen cancer cells, all of them are eliminated, and at the same time used in combination with the adjuvant therapy of interleukin 12, which enhances T cells in the body, can effectively increase killer T cells The number, so as to achieve the best anti-cancer effect.

Three advantages of dendritic cell vaccines

1. Based on highly specific systemic and local cellular immune reconstruction, it is more targeted, more accurate and efficient for the removal of cancer cells.

The occurrence of various common viral infectious diseases and tumors of the body is directly related to the loss or defect of the body’s DC function, so restoring specific DC function in the body becomes the key to the treatment and prevention of such diseases. Due to the use of specific predominant epitope peptides, T-DC makes activated T cells specific and targeted, and repairs, restores and enhances the patient’s own cellular immune function, breaking the body’s immune systemic and local tolerance Receiving state, so as to achieve the reconstruction of whole body and local body immunity.

2. Continue to start the removal mechanism with non-cytolysis as the core killing mode, with high safety

Studies have shown that T-DC mainly uses mobilizing various cytokines in the body as the main means to clear the target, which makes the  reconstructed immune system greatly reduce the damage to normal cells while removing the target.

3. It has the long-term effect of vaccine characteristics and realizes the organic combination of prevention and treatment

The DC reconstructed in vitro can activate the resting T cells to produce the initial immune response when reintroduced into the body, and the activated T cells can be amplified and further proliferated. One dendrite can activate 100-3000 T cells. Most effector T cells play a role in removing viruses, and the other part will survive for decades to decades to become memory T cells. The next time they are exposed to low-dose antigens, a high-intensity immune response will occur. Therefore, the immune protection system based on T-DC repair and reconstruction can continue to function for decades, and can re-enter the cycle to function under appropriate conditions.

Which cancer patients can receive dendritic cell vaccine treatment?

It should be noted that the dendritic cell vaccine therapy has no obvious effect on shrinking the tumor of patients with advanced cancer, and patients with advanced cancer have the effect of prolonging life while maintaining the quality of life; as an adjuvant therapy after surgery, it can suppress relapse and treat The effect can be maintained for a longer time; combined with other therapies such as chemotherapy, targeted drugs, PD1 inhibitors, the effect will be better. Therefore, these five types of patients are the most suitable:

  1. Patients with poor physique before tumor surgery, slow recovery after surgery, and fear of occult cancer cells not being completely eradicated.
  2. After radiotherapy and chemotherapy, immunity is low, and side effects are obvio
    us (such as loss of appetite, nausea, hair loss, skin inflammation, etc.), patients who expect to increase the effect of chemoradiation.
  3. Due to the fear of the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, patients who hope to use various treatments to achieve therapeutic effects.
  4. Cancer cells in advanced tumors have spread throughout the body, but conventional treatment methods are powerless, and patients who expect to prolong survival and improve quality of life.
  5. Patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Mainly applicable to solid tumors: head and neck tumors, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, renal cancer, prostate cancer, malignant melanoma, sarcoma, partial malignancy Lymphoma.

How do domestic patients receive dendritic cell vaccine treatment?

At present, there are not many clinical trial projects approved for cellular immunotherapy in China, and the value, safety and potential of DC cell therapy have yet to be tapped. It is believed that once the overall policy is fully launched, it will drive the implementation of the relevant clinical treatment operation standards and standards in China and add new options for the treatment of cancer patients in China. In the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries with developed medical standards, the development and clinical application of dendritic cells are at the forefront of the world. Dendritic cell vaccines in Germany and Japan have been successfully developed and entered clinical application. You can evaluate and apply through the Global Oncologist Network (+91 96 1588 1588).

It should be noted that the effect of cell immunotherapy on the shrinkage of tumors in patients with advanced cancer is not obvious. For patients with advanced cancer, it has the effect of prolonging life while maintaining quality of life; as an adjuvant treatment after surgery, it can suppress relapse and the therapeutic effect Maintain a long time; combined with chemotherapy, targeted drugs, PD1 inhibitors and other therapies, the effect will be better.

Cellular immunotherapy is not suitable for all cancer patients. For example, the sarcoma of Wei Zexi is a rare tumor with a high degree of malignancy. There is currently no good treatment in the world. Therefore, cell immunotherapy is naturally not suitable. Therefore, please ensure that you, family members and patients are kept away from false information on the Internet. Before choosing treatment, it must be evaluated by experts in formal and authoritative cancer hospitals. It is very important to choose carefully according to the economic conditions of the family.

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