Tianjin hematology hospital China

Tianjin hematology hospital

  • ESTD:1957
  • No. of beds795
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About Hospital

Hematology Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Hematology Hospital, was established in 1957 by Professor Deng Jiadong, the founder of Chinese hematology. It moved to Sichuan in the 1970s and relocated in 1982. Back to Tianjin, China. The hospital is the only tertiary first-class blood disease specialist hospital in the country, and it is also the largest national scientific research blood disease professional medical institution integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and industry.

As a tertiary first-class specialized hospital, it currently has 795 beds, and has anemia diagnosis and treatment center, leukemia diagnosis and treatment center, thrombosis and hemostasis diagnosis and treatment center, stem cell transplantation center, lymphoma diagnosis and treatment center, MDS diagnosis and treatment center, children’s blood disease diagnosis and treatment center, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment Center, Regenerative Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Blood Disease Emergency Center, Critical Care Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Hematopathology Diagnosis Center and Clinical Testing Center, with a complete range of specialties, and the number of annual diagnosis and treatment exceeded 200,000. It is the top institution for the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases in China. In 2010- In 2022, it won the first place in the hospital specialty reputation list (hematology) for 13 consecutive years. The hospital is characterized by hematology nursing specialty, and launched the Ministry of Health’s “High-quality Nursing Service Demonstration Project” earlier, and has successively won the advanced unit of Tianjin’s health system “Quality Nursing Service Demonstration Project” and the first batch of listed “High-quality Nursing Service Hospitals” .

Since its establishment, the Institute has undertaken more than 1,100 scientific research projects, including 460 national-level projects and more than 350 provincial-level projects. Currently, there are 292 research projects in the institute, and the research funding is about 230 million yuan. It has accumulatively won 109 achievement awards above the provincial and ministerial level, including 24 national awards, 67 authorized invention patents, published 103 monographs, and a total of 1,238 papers included in SCI (data as of November 2021). Founded the “Chinese Journal of Hematology”, relying on the English journal “Blood Science” established by the State Key Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, which was included in the DOAJ database and selected as a high-starting new journal of the China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan. Since the selection, it has won the first place in the ranking list of Chinese hospital science and technology value (hematology) for 9 consecutive years.

Team and Specialities


At present, Tianjin Hematology Hospital has a total of 1,361 employees and 209 professional and technical personnel with senior professional titles (data as of January 2022). “Six national-level platforms including the joint laboratory, the National Stem Cell Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Engineering Research Center for Cell Products, and the National Stem Cell Engineering Product Industrialization Base. At the same time, it is also a demonstration base for training innovative talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, an internal science (blood disease) of the Ministry of Education, a national continuing medical education base, a national key subject of pharmacology, and cell and molecular biology.


Hospital Address

Tianjin Hematology Hospital

35JM+2JF, Binshui Ave,

Hexi District, Tianjin,

China – 300060


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