Shandong Provincial Hospital, Shandong, China

Shandong Province Cancer Hospital, China

  • ESTD:1897
  • No. of beds3500
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Over the past 120 years, Shandong Provincial Hospital (abbreviated SPH) has persevered despite ups and downs. The 120th anniversary of its inception is in 2017. The German Catholic Church established the “Alliance’s Hospital for Soldiers” in Dongxiangli, Weier Road, Jinger Road, Jinan in 1897 while the Jiaoji railway was being built. This facility served as the model for SPH. Following the Japanese conquest of Shandong in 1915, the hospital’s name was changed to “Tongren Society Jinan Hospital” and “Jinan Hospital under the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Railway for Garrison in Qingdao.” The hospital, originally known as “Shandong Provincial Hospital,” was taken over by the Kuomintang’s Shandong Provincial Government in 1945. When Jinan was freed in 1948, the hospital was given to the populace once more. Medical professionals have dedicated themselves to scientific advancement and excellence for the past 120 years. From generation to generation, they have toiled arduously to pave the way after independence, seizing the chance to ride the wave against the backdrop of reform and opening up. In Shandong’s medical and health history, the hospital has written a great chapter, and its development is impressive.SPH is renowned for having a rich past. It has developed into a vast, complete system. Three: A public hospital that carries out medical care, teaching, research in the sciences, preventative care, and guidance for nearby medical practises. In the meantime, it is also known as the Shandong Provincial Hospital Group, Shandong Red Cross Society Hospital, Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University, and Shandong Institute of Clinical Medicine. East hospital and the central hospital make up SPH. It adds over 3,500 beds each year, manages over 3.5 million outpatient visits, discharges 140,000 patients each year, and conducts 69,000 surgeries. In this regard, the hospital leads the province in terms of comprehensive medical care. Rankings such as No. 42 in the Chinese Hospital Ranking by Fudan University, No. 16 for Comprehensive Strength in East China, and No. 34 among the Top 100 Chinese Top Hospitals serve as proof of SPH’s rise to prominence in Shandong and its widespread recognition. The revered SPH has established itself as a premier medical facility not only in Shandong but also across the nation.SPH’s dedication to excellence, authenticity, humanity, and harmony sets the bar for medical expertise. Through great devotion and top-notch medical care, SPHers have devoted themselves to preserving people’s health for years. In China, several medical specialties have made their debut. The LDLT (living donor liver transplantation) takes the lead in China as the sole medical facility certified for organ transplantation in Shandong. Domestically, Debakey I aortic dissection therapy and minimally invasive transthoracic VSD occlusion continue to lead. In domestic hospitals, the use of dermabrasion in deep partial thickness burn wounds has been widely accepted. China has made advancements in aural vertigo, auricularis nerve and lateral skull base surgery, and hearing reconstruction. Internationally advanced assisted reproduction technology is now available.SPH continues the medical spirit’s century-old legacy while brimming with vigour and vitality. In various medical specialties, departments have emerged, pioneered, and assumed leadership. SPH established Shandong Children’s Hospital, Shandong Provincial Orthopaedic Hospital, and Shandong Provincial Stomatological Hospital in order to construct a hospital focused on specialisation. SPH is home to 119 clinical and medical departments, 10 major clinical specialties at the national and international levels, 13 Taishan Scholar positions, 29 key clinical specialties at the provincial level, clinical medicine research centres, and 14 clinical medicine research institutes. Complete disciplines, exceptional power, and strong momentum are all present in the modern SPH. The 2016 Ranking of Scientific Strength Among Chinese Hospitals lists 26 fields at SPH, the only hospital in Shandong province. Five specialisations, including ENT, endocrinology, burn, plastic surgery, and thoracic surgery, are ranked among the best in China.SPH has a reputation for producing highly skilled workers. There are 49 experts who receive a special government allowance from the State Council, 22 experts who make outstanding contributions at the provincial level, 14 “Taishan Scholars” in Shandong Province (3 overseas Taishan Scholars), 2 experts chosen for the National Talents Project (first level), and 927 people with senior professional titles. 103 doctoral supervisors are among the 405 graduate supervisors. At the provincial level, there are 136 chairmen and vice-chairmen in medical associations, 43 professionals working in national professional committees, one chairman-elect in the Chinese Medical Association, nine deputy chairmen, and executive members.SPH is committed to advancing medical knowledge and creativity. The hospital has received 14 first place awards at the provincial and ministerial levels, two National Invention Awards, two second place awards in the National Award for Progress in Science and Technology, and two second place awards. In 2013, the hospital won one of the top honours in the Shandong province’s Award for Science & Technology. SPH has carried out 912 research projects of all kinds during the last five years and received 160 million yuan in funding for scientific research, an increase of 102% and 216%, respectively, over the 11th Five-Year Plan period. SCI(E) has more than 1,000 papers that have been included. SPH has won 141 awards above the departmental level, including 49 above the provincial level, two top prizes in the Shandong province’s Award for Science & Technology, four first prizes, twenty-two second prizes, twenty third prizes at the provincial level, and one prize for international cooperation. In terms of the quantity of invention patents and SCIE theses, SPH is ranked No. 5 and No. 11 in 2016 respectively.SPH is still devoted to promoting public welfare. The hospital is committed to preserving people’s health and upholding its objective of saving and valuing lives. In the province, the “full reservation” treatment model is dominant. People have benefited from the public services provided by SPH. Patient satisfaction has increased as a result of receiving high-quality nursing and medical care. Assistance is provided to individuals in Qinghai, Tibet, Africa, and rural China by more than 400 doctors at all levels. People living in border regions, like Tanzania, Seychelles, and Zambia, benefit from their help. The SPH disaster relief team contributes as required to significant societal events like the Tenth China Arts Festival and the 22nd International History and Science Conference as well as accidents like the Sinopec Qingdao pipeline explosion and the deadly Kunshan explosion in Jiangsu Province.SPH establishes the bar for excellence to advance healthcare reform. Shandong EYE & ENT Hospital, Shandong Maternity Hospital, Shandong Imaging Medical Research Institute, Shandong Dongying Hospital, and Shandong Heze Hospital are all part of the Shandong Provincial Hospital Group, which was established in 2004. In response to the State’s request, the hospital established a telemedicine centre with more than 500 primary medical units and added 29 affiliates to the medical union. As a result, communities may access high-quality medical resources. SPH is the driving force behind the growth of the Healthy China programme and Shandong’s public health. It has received numerous honours over the years, including “National Model Hospital for Reform and Innovation,” “National Standard Bearer of Hospital Culture,” “China’s Top 10 Hospital with Quality Service,” “National Top 100 Hospital,” “National Role Model of Civilization,” and “National First Unit of Innovative Management.”SPH sets off on a new voyage while keeping in mind why it began 120 years prior. SPH always keeps in mind why it was founded, keeps in mind its objective, and accepts the duty without hesitation against the backdrop of Health China in the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. In the new era, SPH will continue to write a more brilliant chapter under the steadfast leadership of the provincial party committee, provincial government, and the provincial health and family planning commission. SPH will hoist the great banner, set out on a great journey to realise China Dream, and remain committed to constructing a state-level hospital that meets international standards.

Team and Specialities

Accident and emergency medicine
Child psychiatry
Clinical biology
Clinical chemistry
Clinical microbiology
Clinical neurophysiology
Craniofacial surgery
Family and General Medicine
Gastroenterologic surgery
General Practice
General surgery
Infectious diseases
Internal medicine
Laboratory medicine
Nuclear medicine
Obstetrics and gynaecology
Occupational medicine
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Paediatric surgery
Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Plastic surgery
Podiatric surgery
Preventive medicine
Public health
Radiation Oncology
Respiratory medicine
Thoracic surgery
Tropical medicine
Vascular surgery



Hospital Address

Shandong Provincial Hospital
Jinan, Shandong, China


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