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Horizon Regional Cancer Center Bumrungrad, Bangkok, Thailand

  • ESTD:1980
  • No. of beds580
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About Hospital

Founded in 1980, Bumrungrad International Hospital has established itself as a global leader in delivering premier healthcare services and comprehensive support for international patients, spanning nearly four decades. Situated in the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand, affectionately known as “The City of Angels,” renowned for its exceptional hospitality and delectable cuisine, Bumrungrad stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare. As one of Southeast Asia’s largest private hospitals, Bumrungrad International Hospital serves over 1.1 million patients annually from more than 190 countries. Since 1989, it has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, solidifying its position as a reputable institution.

Setting unparalleled standards in healthcare, Bumrungrad International Hospital holds the distinction of being the first hospital in Asia accredited by the US-based Joint Commission International (JCI), maintaining this accreditation for five consecutive terms since 2002. Moreover, in 2017, it achieved the prestigious DNV GL MIR Certification for Infection Risk, a first for an Asian hospital, and garnered the Global Healthcare Accreditation with Excellence designation from GHA, becoming the first non-US hospital to attain this esteemed recognition. These accolades underscore Bumrungrad’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest quality and safety standards for international patients seeking treatment at the hospital.

With a focus on delivering integrated, high-quality care, Bumrungrad International Hospital boasts multidisciplinary teams comprising experienced medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and medical technologists. Employing over 1,300 medical doctors and over 4,800 support professionals, the hospital ensures seamless collaboration and expertise across more than 70 medical subspecialties. The majority of its medical staff hold international board certifications from esteemed institutions across the globe, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous medical and quality standards.

At Bumrungrad International Hospital, our commitment to excellence extends beyond clinical proficiency to encompass personalized care and holistic treatment approaches, making us a premier destination for patients with diverse healthcare needs.

Team and Specialities


Bumrungrad International Hospital is a leader in medical technology and innovative patient services. Among the most recent advancements, Bumrungrad has expanded the Precision Medicine department which offers personalized cancer treatments and the latest breakthrough therapies mostly from the United States and Europe. Another cutting-edge technology we use is CardioInsight, a completely non-invasive diagnostics technology for diagnosing heart arrhythmias and the only active center in the Asia Pacific.

In order to remain a leader in cutting-edge technology, Bumrungrad was the first IBM Watson for Oncology site in the world. IBM Watson, a machine-learning AI, assists physicians by analyzing patient data against thousands of historical cases, hundreds of medical journals and textbooks, the latest clinical trials, and more than 12 million pages of text. This innovation in technology allows doctors and specialists to compare their findings against big data and provide the most accurate treatments possible.

What began as a surgical treatment for prostate cancer has now become the Bumrungrad Robotic Surgery Center. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies for robotic-assisted surgery such as MAKOplasty©, Mazor X and the da Vinci System to allow for more consistency, accuracy and faster recovery times with less invasiveness for joint, spine and cancer patients.


Bumrungrad hospital is around 30 Kms from Swarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok. It takes about 1 hour from airport to reach the hospital. There are taxis available at the airport and charges around $ 15 USD.

Hospital Address

Horizon Regional Cancer Centre,

Bumrungrad Hospital

Chang Wat Bangkok, Thailand


1. Treatment of Cancer

  • Chemotherapy
    • Assessment of patient’s health and treatment planning
    • Chemotherapy drug administration
    • Targeted therapy
    • Blood/platelet transfusion
  • Radiation therapy
    • Assessment of patient’s health and treatment planning
    • Radiation therapy
      • Cancer
      • Keloids
      • Non-cancerous conditions
    • Volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT)
    • Brachytherapy
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
    • Assessment of patient’s health and treatment planning
    • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to treat leukemia, lymphoma, aplastic anemia, and bone marrow cancer
      • Peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT)
      • Bone marrow transplantation (BMT)

​2. Cancer screening

  • Mammogram
  • Pap smear
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Low-dose CT scan

3. ​Other services

  • Testing for tumor markers and carrying out biopsies in a laboratory that meets international standards
  • Care of colostomy
  • Care of implanted venous access device (port-a-cath)
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Psychological support
  • Palliative care of terminally ill patients
  • Cancer support group
  • Provide information and organize seminars about cancer

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