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Columbia Asia, Kuala lumpur

  • ESTD:1996
  • No. of beds100
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About Hospital

An multinational private healthcare organisation called Columbia Asia was established in Malaysia in 1996. In Sarawak, East Malaysia, it opened its first hospital in 1997. There are currently 19 medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, and extended care facilities) available through Columbia Asia, including 13 in Malaysia.

Through its hospitals and clinics, Columbia Asia, a pioneer in private healthcare trends, provides top-notch and reasonably priced medical care. These hospitals are situated in residential areas and offer patients top-notch private healthcare that is more convenient and effective thanks to their modern amenities and highly qualified doctors and nurses. The level of invasive treatments is reduced by new medical technologies, shortening hospital stays. Additionally, fee schedules are open and far less expensive than the typical private healthcare approach. Additionally, there are a maximum of 100 hospital beds at each Columbia Asia healthcare facility. The facilities may be smaller than other private hospitals, but the idea behind them is simple and sets the stage for future healthcare trends that will emphasize efficiency, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. Its goal is to be the top option for families and businesses while also offering communities high-quality healthcare at a great value.

Through its 13 facilities in Malaysia, Columbia Asia has provided private healthcare for over two decades, bringing dependable and reasonably priced medical services. In order to meet the healthcare needs of the local community and neighbouring communities, these medical facilities are placed in residential areas in a planned manner.

Evidently, the science of health in the present era progresses at such a rapid rate that, working with our highly-trained physicians and nurses, we try to provide our hospitals with the most cutting-edge medical equipment and expertise. Behind this cutting-edge is a simplicity found in the distinctive architectural style of the facilities. As a result, we are able to provide you with individualised attention in a tidy and cosy setting.

Accessible, effective, and efficient are the principles that will propel Columbia Asia to the forefront of healthcare trends in the future.

Team and Specialities

  1. Aesthetic & Laser Centre
  2. Behavioural Health Centre
  3. Bone & Joint Centre
  4. Breast Care Centre
  5. Cancer & Radiosurgery Centre
  6. Cardiac Vascular Centre
  7. Child Health Services
  8. Dental Services
  9. Diabetes Care Centre
  10. Dietetics & Nutrition Services
  11. Digestive Health Centre
  12. Ear, Nose & Throat Centre
  13. Eye Centre
  14. Fertility Centre
  15. Foot & Ankle Centre
  16. Hand & Microsurgery
  17. Neuroscience Centre
  18. Nuclear Medicine Centre
  19. Rehabilitation Medicine
  20. Speech & Hearing Centre
  21. Spine Centre
  22. Sunway Robotic Surgery Centre
  23. Urology Centre
  24. Wellness Centr
  25. Women’s Health Services
  26. Wound Care



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