Effect of cancer treatment on heart

There are certain side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy on our heart in the treatment of cancer. Connect with +91 96 1588 1588 to know more.

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There are certain side effects related to heart conditions when cancer treatment therapies like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are applied. These treatment options may damage the heart, and their side effects include high blood pressure, an abnormal heart rate, and heart failure. When such things happen, a doctor may choose to delay, modify, or even stop the therapy altogether. However, some of the treatment side effects may occur after a very long time and remain unnoticed for a shorter period of time.

Recent developments in immunotherapy treatment for cancer have also been shown to be associated with a risk of cardiac outcomes and side effects.

However, more research is also needed to help inform clinical decisions about cancer treatments and cardiac side effects. While treating cancer patients, doctors need to counsel the patient about other health issues that may be associated with cardiac problems like diabetes and cholesterol. More research is on the way with regard to this.

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