Eating habits that may cause stomach cancer

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Related studies have found that patients with gastric cancer have obvious family aggregation: the first-degree relatives (ie parents and siblings) of gastric cancer patients have a three-fold higher risk of gastric cancer than the general population. The more famous case is the Napoleon family. His grandfather, father, and three younger sisters all died of stomach cancer. That is to say, a total of seven people in the entire family, including himself, developed stomach cancer.

High-salt diet is a cause of stomach cancer

At the end of October, the list of carcinogens was announced. In addition to aristolochic acid, Chinese-style salted fish also appeared. Salted fish and existing pickles are the cause of stomach cancer because they are both pickled products and contain a lot of salt. Studies have shown that regular consumption of pickled products can increase the risk of stomach cancer by 5 times. In the production process of salted fish and pickles, it contains high salt and nitrite itself: a high salt diet will destroy the mucous protective layer of the gastric mucosa, leaving the gastric mucosa exposed to acidic gastric juice with bacteria, which will directly damage the gastric mucosa , The chance of exposure to carcinogens has also greatly increased; and nitrite will generate a strong carcinogen in the stomach-nitrosamines. When the damaged gastric mucosa comes into contact with serotonin, the chance of canceration increases.

Overeating causes protein deficiency

Meat and vegetables are the best diet structure. If you eat too much vegetarian food, too little protein intake in your body will also cause stomach cancer. The gastric mucosa is an important protective film in our body. If it is stimulated and damaged for a long time, ulcers will form. Under normal circumstances, the gastric mucosa can be repaired in 4 or 5 days, but only if there is enough protein. If you eat too much protein, the protein in the body is not enough, and the repair of the gastric mucosa will be hindered.

Long-term iron deficiency anemia alert to gastric cancer

According to experts in the Department of Gastroenterology, if iron deficiency anemia is not treated in time, the iron in the body will be further lost, causing gastric cancer. Iron deficiency can easily lead to chronic atrophy of the tongue, esophagus, stomach and small intestine mucosa, causing too little or no gastric acid secretion, resulting in a large number of bacteria multiplying in the stomach, and combining the nitrate ingested with amines in the stomach into nitrous Amine provides an opportunity, this is a strong carcinogen.

Eating dinner late will increase the risk of stomach cancer

A study by Japanese medical experts found that eating too late for dinner or often eating supper may increase the burden on the stomach, and in the long run will increase the risk of stomach cancer. Some medical studies have shown that when the time between eating and falling asleep is too short, the risk of gastroesophageal reflux increases. Gastric acid reflux will not only cause uncomfortable reactions such as heartburn, but also cause damage to the esophagus. If the esophageal mucosa is stimulated by gastric acid for a long time, it may produce “atypical hyperplasia” and gradually develop into a precancerous lesion.


If you eat too late for dinner and sleep at night, the food will stay longer in the stomach, which will promote a large amount of gastric juice secretion and stimulate the gastric mucosa. Over time, it will easily lead to erosion and ulceration of the gastric mucosa, and the resistance will decrease significantly.

How to prevent stomach cancer? 5 tips for experts

1. Pay attention to scientific diet: low-salt light diet, eat less irritating foods such as spicy, over-acidic, drink less, eat on time, avoid eating sea and drink, if you can do this, the incidence of gastritis and gastric ulcer It has dropped greatly.

2. Frozen and fresh food: Food is kept fresh by using a refrigerator to maintain its freshness, instead of using a large amount of salt pickling to reduce the deterioration of food as before to reduce the generation of nitrite compounds.

3. Pay attention to nutritional balance: keep the recipes diverse. In addition, fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C have a protective effect against gastric cancer, and vitamin A can effectively prevent and inhibit the proliferation and spread of cancer cells. In addition, fresh vegetables such as garlic, green onions, leeks, onions, garlic seedlings, etc., containing special sulfhydryl groups can also reduce the incidence of gastric cancer. And tomatoes, carrots, spinach, peppers, and cod liver oil and dairy products are rich in vitamin A.


4. Active treatment of gastric ulcers and atrophic gastritis: For gastric ulcers that do not heal for a long time and atrophic gastritis with severe dysplasia, as well as multiple polyps or single polyps with a diameter greater than 2cm, surgical treatment can be taken. Patients with atrophic gastritis should be followed up regularly for gastroscopy.

5. Physical examination screening: Early detection is a key issue in the prevention of gastric cancer. An important measure for early detection of gastric cancer is through general screening. The conditions that can be used as general screening objects are those who are over 40 years old and have a long history of gastric disease, or It is said that there have been obvious stomach symptoms in recent months.

The above is the relevant introduction about the family aggregation of gastric cancer, which specifically introduces the causes and preventive measures of gastric cancer. In short, keeping a happy heart, having a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, gastric cancer will also be far from you. If someone in the family has cancer that is genetically susceptible, be sure to reflect on how many bad habits you share with each other to prevent it.

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