Prof. Zeng Zongyuan Head and neck cancer

Director of Head & Neck Cancer Center , Experience: 42 Years

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Zeng Zongyuan is a Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor and Chief expert for Neck and Head Tumor Center, Fuda Cancer Hospital.

He was graduated from Medical Department of Sun Yat-sen University (current Sun Yat-sen University). He once served as the Vice President of the Tumor Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University and deputy director of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center. Having engaged in cancer research for over 40 years, he has made great progress in diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumor, laryngeal cancer and oral cancer in particular. He once served as the chief specialist of laryngeal cancer in Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center. Prof. Zeng is praised as”Zero Bleeding” expert. He created the Intermittent Blocked Ligation Therapy and Cross-stitched Chained Mattress Suture, effectively avoiding or reducing intraoperative bleeding, which helps many patients with thyroid cancer, parotid tumor, facial and cervical hemangioma.

The Head & Neck Cancer Center, headed by Prof. Zeng Zongyuan, has also applied minimally invasive treatments such as irreversible electroporation (Nanoknife therapy), cryosurgical ablation, microvascular interventional therapy, photodynamic therapy, brachytherapy and other procedures for those advanced cancer patients who failed to do surgery, which has gained satisfactory effects.

He has edited the Practical Head and Neck Oncology, Clinical Oncology, Modern Laryngosurgery, Modern Head and Neck Surgery as the chief editor, associate editor and participator. He has published over 120 papers. He serves as the editorial board member, reviewer, chief reviewer of the following magazine as Cancer, Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology, China Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Journal of Chinese Oncology, Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology. He was awarded the first prize of excellent textbooks of Central South University Press and the second prize of Guangdong Scientific and Technology Progress in Medicine and Health in 1999 and Distinguished Service Award of Sun Yat-sen University in 2010, the highest level of Honorable Mention in Practicing Medicine in this university. He is a recognized medical specialist receiving the Special Government Allowances of the State Council.


Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guang Zhou, China


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  • Head & Neck Cancer

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