Prof. Abdullah İğci

General Surgeon , Experience: 36 Years

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About Doctor

  • He participated in foundation of İstanbul School of Medicine, Breast Diseases Research and Treatment Association and Unit in 1989. 
  • He participated in organization and management of Breast Cancer Council meetings which have been maintained weekly since 1989 (more than 1350 meetings).
  • He worked as a Research Fellow in Breast Diseases Clinic and Surgical Oncology Laboratory of School of Medicine, John Hopkins University in the USA between the years of 1994 and 1995.
  • He was accepted to Fellow American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.) in 1997.
  • He authored more than  150 scientific articles which were presented in various international and local congresses and published in journals.
  • He authored 3 separate chapters on his field of specialty for 2 different books.
  • He was the editor of the books Breast Disease and Breast Cancer published by Springer publishing house.
  • He served as a member of the Istanbul Medical Faculty Administrative Board and Faculty Board.
  • He organized The 4 th National Breast Diseases Congress (Istanbul – Lütfü Kırdar) which achieved the largest participation in the field (1000 participants). He chaired the National Breast Diseases Congress held in 2011.
  • He attended in more than 20 educational meetings for postgraduate Breast Diseases Students as a participant, organizer and spokesperson. He participated in many congresses and courses as a spokesperson and debater on stomach cancer, laparoscopic rectum cancer and breast cancer.
  • He served as a founding member and chairperson of Turkish Association of Surgical Oncology in 1997. He participated as an editor in publishing of Surgical Oncology Journal.
  • He served as the founding member of the Federation of Turkish Breast Diseases Associations and as the president of the 2017 and 2019.
  • Member of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology, Turkish Society of Oncology, İstanbul Breast Society (founding member), Society of Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Minimal Invasive Surgery (founding member), Turkish Association of Academic Staff, American College of Surgeons ( A.C.S.), Turkish Surgical Association, European Association of Laparoscopic Surgery (E.A.L.S.), Association of Senology, İstanbul Society of Surgery (founding member) and World Society for Breast.
  • Principal areas of clinical interest:
    • Diagnosis and treatment of breast viruses,
    • Laparoscopic surgery,
    • Surgical oncology.

Education and training

General Surgery ResidencyDepartment of General Surgery, School of Medicine, İstanbul University1978 – 1983
Medical EducationSchool of Medicine, Istanbul University1971 – 1977


ProfessorDepartment of General Surgery, VKV American Hospital2021 – To date
ProfessorDepartment of General Surgery, İstanbul School of Medicine1997 – 2021
Assoc. Prof.Department of General Surgery, İstanbul School of Medicine1991 – 1997
Research AssistantDepartment of General Surgery, İstanbul School of Medicine1989 – 1991
Attending PhysicianYalova State Hospital1987 – 1989
Attending PhysicianKütahya Air Force Hospital (mandatory military service)1986 – 1988
Attending PhysicianBilecik State Hospital (conscription)1983 – 1985


American Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey




Procedures Performed



Research & Publications



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