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Tang Ruifeng, doctor in Japan, chief physician, Professor, master’s supervisor, deputy director of hepatobiliary surgery and ward director of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University. Member of the national cooperation group on blood purification of severe liver disease and artificial liver, national hepatobiliary consulting expert, vice chairman of hepatoma Professional Committee of Hebei Medical Association, standing member of hepatoma Professional Committee of Hebei Cancer Association, standing member of pancreatic cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Cancer Association, member of hepatobiliary surgery group of Hebei Medical Association, special editorial committee of China medical works network He is a member of the Standing Committee of the cholangiopancreatic cancer Professional Committee of Hebei cancer prevention and treatment Federation, a member of the young and middle-aged experts committee of hepatobiliary pancreas of Beijing Health Promotion Association, and a member of the neuroendocrine tumor prevention and treatment professional committee of Hebei Preventive Medicine Association. In 1988, he graduated from the medical department of Inner Mongolia Medical College (Bachelor’s degree), studied in the first surgery of Yamanashi Medical University in Japan for more than 5 years and obtained a doctor’s degree, studied liver transplantation for 3 months in Tianjin First Central Hospital, visited and studied general surgery in the first hospital of Peking University for 1 month, and studied hepatobiliary surgery in Beijing 301 Hospital for half a year. More than 60 papers have been published, 4 papers have been included in SCI, 32 papers have been published as the first author or corresponding author, including 3 papers have been included in SCI, more than 50 papers have been published as the first author or corresponding author, 3 monographs have been published as the chief editor or deputy chief editor, 1 project of Ministry of Education (Project Leader), 3 projects of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department (2 project leaders, 1 second researcher), and he One project of the Department of health of North Province (Project Leader), one project of national natural fund (second principal investigator), one project of Hebei natural fund (third principal investigator), two third prizes of Hebei Science and technology progress (one for the first and third completers), two first prizes of excellent medical scientific and technological achievements of Hebei Medical Association (one for the first and third completers), and excellent medical doctors of Hebei Medical Association One second prize for learning scientific and technological achievements (the first adult). He is good at the diagnosis, treatment and research of hepatobiliary, pancreaticosplenic tumor diseases, such as liver cancer, hepatohemangioma, hepatocyst, gallbladder cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, gallstone, obstructive jaundice, pancreatic tumor, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, portal hypertension, spleen tumor and other diseases.


Hebei Cancer Hospital, Hebei, China


  • Hepatobiliary Surgery

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  • Hepatobiliary Surgery

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