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Dr. Sujit Chowdhary – Profile Summary

  • Dr. Sujit Chowdhary is a Senior consultant in the department of Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Surgery at Indraprastha Apollo hospital in New Delhi.
  • He has been associated with Apollo Hospitals since 2005.
  • He is renowned for being one of the prominent doctors who provides outstanding pediatric surgical care in India with more than 95% survival in newborn surgery.
  • He has pioneered complicated techniques such as robotic surgery, minimally invasive surgery and Pediatric Urology.

Dr. Sujit Chowdhary – Experience

    • Postgraduate Tutor, Royal College of Surgeons – 2005-
    • Cont Associate Prof (Pediatric Urology)Prince of Wales university Hospital,Hong Kong – 2004-2005
    • Assistant Prof (Pediatric Surgery) Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh, – 1998-2003
    • Senior Registrar (Pediatric Surgery)University of Cape Town,SA – 1996-1997
    • Registrar (Pediatric Urology)Birmingham Children’s Hospital,UK – 1995-1996
    • Registrar, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education& Research, Chandigarh – 1992-1994
    • SHO,Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education& Research Chandigarh – 1989-1992 SHO,
    • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi – 1989-1989



Apollo Hospital, New Delhi


  • Pediatric and reconstructive urology
  • Traumatic genitourinary injuries
  • Urodynamics
  • Robotic surgery

Procedures Performed

  • Pediatric and reconstructive urology
  • Traumatic genitourinary injuries
  • Urodynamics
  • Robotic surgery

Research & Publications

  • Chowdhary S K. Pediatric endourology. Editorial in Journal of Indian association of Pediatric Surgeons. 2014;19:121-2
  • Chowdhary SK. Random thoughts on Pediatric Surgery in India. J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg. 2008 Apr;13(2):47-8.
  • Chowdhary SK. Pediatric surgery. Indian J Pediatr. 2008 Sep;75(9):923.
  • M Kolar,A Kulkarni,A Kaul,S K Chowdhary. Antenatal diagnosis and post natal  management  of urological anomalies. Perinatology  2004



Videos – Dr. Sujit Chowdhary – Clinical Director – Pediatric Surgery


The Role of Robotic Surgery in Pediatric Urological Patients


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